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True Story - My First Heart Attack Pain Warning Came Two Days Back

Actually, I got my first heart attack pain warning about two days back. But I did not recognise it. Since my knee injury made me climb stairs with just my right leg. For forty-five days I had not even gone for a short walk. I was entirely relying on my right leg for walking and sitting and everything else.

So my left thigh muscles reduced due to the non-use and the right thigh muscles had started growing stronger and visibly in diameter because that was the only leg I was using. Thus, I could see my left thigh muscles were now much thinner than my right thigh muscles when I looked in the mirror.

The thinning of my left thigh muscles had nothing to do with my heart attack. But it was one reason for the heart attack. Basically, I had not been doing any exercise including walking for more than 45 days. I used to walk what is just enough to take me from a chair to my bed and back at home and at office from my car to my office chair and back twice a day. This zero exercise life was the one that was dragging me towards a heart attack.

On the forty sixth day, I told my wife that I need to restart my walking. She agreed readily and we went for a short walk that evening. We might have walked about two hundred yards and I started getting a feeling as if I had run fast for a short distance. The feeling was somewhere in the lower part of my throat as if it was burning. Something more severe than acidity feel.

I mentioned this to my wife. She suggested that we rest for a while. So we waited for five minutes in the compound of a nearby Church and the burning discomfort in my throat disappeared. This was two days before I had my heart attack.

We continued our walk slowly. A mild discomfort restarted and stayed till we got back after about half an hour. Once I rested at home, the discomfort was gone. Both of us disregarded the discomfort and completely forgot about it. Neither of us ever thought that there was a heart attack about to happen to me. The heart attack symptoms were coming and going. But we were completely unaware of these symptoms.

After coming home, I thought that since I could not walk, I need to do some exercise. I found my two and a half kilogram dumbell and did some vigorous exercises for my hands with it. I was continuously exercising for over half an hour and I felt no discomfort of any sort. I never could have expect a heart attack. But an hour back I had already experienced my first heart attack pain warning. That was a full two days before my heart attack.

The next day which which was the forty seventh day after my scooter accident, I went to office. My office was in the first floor. And that is when I was to have my next heart attack warning.

A True Life Story


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