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True Story- I Got Used To The Heart Attack Pain

I never knew it was a heart attack pain that I was experiencing. I thought it was just a muscle pain due to the excessive exercise I had done with my dumbells. I had done about half an hour with my two and a half kilogram dumbells the day before in the evening and the previous day I had used my seven and a half kilogram pair of dumbells for over forty five minutes. So I was very sure that I was having some pulled muscle that is paining in the center of my chest.

The pain of my heart attack was in the center of the sternum just below the skin. But is was fairly severe. It was not letting me sleep. So I woke up and I tried to divert my attention from the discomfort in my chest by fiddling with my mobile phone for about 20 minutes. The pain was not going and so I wanted to do something else to diver my attention from the heart attack pain. So I went and was doing something on  my computer for about half an hour. But I was not able to remove my attention from this constant pain in my chest.

Then I shut down my computer and went and started talking to my son for a while and then my daughter for a few minutes. Since I was not talking sense, both of them almost ignored me and my talk. The heart attack discomfort just refused to go off my attention. I was getting fed up with it. I didn’t feel like crying, cribbing, telling anyone about it or ignore it either. It was not a great pain which I have heard people talk about or what I had read either that I was feeling. It just felt like a pulled tendon or muscle pain. I had never had a heart attack so never thought that I was going through a heart attack pain.

I thought for a while. Why should there be a muscle pull or pain. I remembered that on 28 Feb 19, I had a small fall from my scooter. I had fallen on the hard tarred road on my left knee and the hard edge of the seat of the scooter had fallen right in between the knee bones on the sides there after. I was limping for almost 45 days unable to even bend my knee more than about 30 degrees even whilst sleeping.

Because of the pain in the knee joint, I had not walked for over 45 days. I had to keep my leg straight. My office was on the first floor and I was using only my right leg to go up the ladder. That too was so slow that at least ten people would cross me and ask what is wrong with my leg that I am limping. The worst thing was that everyday people would ask me the same question and my answer would be the same. Finally, I started either coming a little early or a bit late so that I do not have to answer the same question everytime.

Because of the knee injury I had not walked for a while and my heart was never subjected to any exertion in that month and a half. Thus my heart attack never happened earlier. Had I not been injured, probably my heart attack pain would have come a little earlier and it would have been severe. Whatever happens happens for the good.

A True Life Story


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