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True Story - I Was Embarassed of My Heart Attack

I reached the sonography room. But the room was not free and I had to outside the sonography room for over one hour talking to people before my turn came. That was a busy day for the radiologist. My cardiologist never told the radiologist that I have to be checked for a heart attack because I was myself not complaining about my heart.

I was telling everyone that I have some muscle pain in the chest. So neither I, nor the cardiologist or the radiologist took my heart attack seriously. I did not want people to know that I am having a heart attack. Somehow I was feeling embarrassed to say that I am having a heart attack.

The sonography room was finally free and my Cardiologist did my Echo Cardiography. He did not say anything to me after finishing the echo cardiography. He told me to sit back on the wheel chair and sent me to the ICU. I was sure that the echo cardiography has confirmed my heart attack. But just that the cardiologist did not tell in as many words that I was having a heart attack.

Finally, I asked the Cardiologist, “What is wrong with me.” He said, “Sir you have a coronary artery blocked.”

That sentence did not make any sense to me. I was still very sure I know it better than the Cardiologist that it is just a muscle pain due to the dumbbells I used for some seriously vigorous exercise for two consecutive days.

I reached the ICU and I was put on a stretcher. The nurse checked my Blood Pressure and said it was 198/145. I was happy because in the morning at 4:00 am when I started realising the pain in my chest, I could not find my pulse at all which meant that my heart was not beating at all. At least now it was beating so strong.

Ten minutes later the Cardiologist asked the nurse to check my BP again and she found it to be 145/90. But after a few minutes when she tried to get my pulse on my wrist, she could find none. She was alarmed and called the doctor back in.

The doctor took my BP and the same machine gave a reading of 185/110. The Cardiologist sensed something serious. My heart was giving up. Sometimes it was beating too strong and at times my heart was not beating at all. There was a nurse taking my blood for some immediate tests, another nurse was taking my BP continuously and the Cardiologist was busy checking my heart beat with his stethoscope.

I knew something was seriously wrong with me. I was having a heart attack and I was being embarassed about telling people that I was going through a heart attack. More revelation about my heart attack was yet to come.

A True Life Story


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