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True Story - I Drove My Car to Hospital with A Heart Attack

My wife got ready in record time and sat in my car. I did not make her get any hint about the pain I was having in my chest and that I was going through a heart attack which I was myself unaware. I asked why she wants to go to hospital and delay me to my office. She said, that it is not her but I who needed to go to the hospital. And I drove my car to the hospital with a heart attack happening live inside my body. I still cannot believe I did that.

I told her I am perfectly fine. I just have a little discomfort in the center of my chest, probably a muscle pull which will go away in a day or two. She however insisted that I must see a doctor and refused to get off the car. I did not have much of a choice and I drove to the hospital. Normally, I do not budge to her wishes. That day, I was meekly obeying her. I think I needed someone to look after me and I was feeling good about it.

Being in the Navy, I drove to our service hospital and met the duty doctor. I explained my chest discomfort and also mentioned about the discomfort in throat which I had experienced during a short walk and during the climb to my office. The duty doctor immediately told me to get my ECG done. My wife was sitting outside and did not know anything that transpired between I and the doctor. So I thought. But, I was wrong.

The ECG machine failed to give a print out. After about three attempt, the medical assistant gave up. Then the duty doctor sent me to the Medical department. The ECG machine there gave a print out. I cleaned all the gel they had put on my hairy body to fix the ECG machine leads and put my uniform back on.

As I got dressed I asked the medical assistant what does my ECG say. Am I having anything like a heart attack or something? The medical assistant said he does not know how to read the ECG but felt something was wrong as this is not how a normal ECG looks. I just ignored what the medical assistant said, because I was sure I was having a muscle pull caused pain in the chest which cannot be due to a heart attack in any case.

Armed with the ECG print out, I met the head of the medical department who is an experienced Medical Specialist. He was not a cardiologist. He looked at the ECG and told me that there is some variation in my ECG. He told me that since the hospital does not have a cardiologist, he will refer me to another Army hospital just a few hundred kilometers away.

But I have to get admitted to the hospita for doing the other tests and procedures related to abvormal ECG to rule out a heart attack. I also have wait for the hospital staff to book me a flight or a train ticket in a day or two.

I told the medical specialist doctor that I drove my own car to the hospital with this heart attack like condition and I walked to his office. So why should I get admitted. Just give me some pain killer for my muscle pain and I would like to go to my office.

Even this doctor who was a medical specialist had not reaslied that I was actually going through a heart attack as I sat with him behaving normally and speaking very logically which convinced even this medical specialist doctor who has seen my abnormal ECG. He believed what I was saying that I need a pain killer because I was having a muscle pain in the chest due to my dumbell exercise the previous two days.

But this medical specialist doctor did tell me that my ECG is abnormal and I need to be checked up by a cardiologist in this far away military hospital. What this doctor did not know was that I was not going to survive even a few hours from that time. I was having a massive heart attack as I came to know later. And there was no cardiologist in this hospital. I would be dead if no cardiologist was to see me that day. Only a miracle could save me from death. And a miracle was about to happen.

A True Life Story


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