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True Story - Angioplasty To Treat My Heart Attack

After thrombolysis my heart attack pain in my chest did not subside even after half an hour. The cardiologist was worried and said that I need to be shifted to a local hospital for angioplasty to restore the blood flow in my blocked coronary artery. According to the cardiologist further treatment and probably putting a stent where the coronary artery is blocked was the option to save my life.

The cardiologist and a junior doctor there started calling up all the local hospitals for immediate treatment for my condition. My spirits were still very high. I was not believing the doctors. My brain was telling me that I do not have any heart attack, I just have a pulled muscle in my chest due to the dumbell exercises. The muscle pain will take two or three days to subside. I lay in the ICU happy and unaware of my heart attack.

A few minutes later and after seeing the panic in which the doctors and nurses in the service hospital were, I was starting to understand the seriousness of my own condition and how foolish I was all this while to believe that I was having a muscle pain, when actually I was going through a Heart Attack.

Imagine, I was having a Heart Attack since 4:00 am and it has been seven hours since that time and only now have I fully understood that I am going through a heart attack which could have killed me. But my mind and brain had two different theories and I wanted to believe my brain giving me the muscle pain theory over and above the heart attack.

In fact, before my wife got into my car and forced me to come to the hospital, I was planning to go to my office and work, thinking that I have a muscle pain. I would not have survived that heart attack, had I gone and sat in my office. I have to thank my wife for what she did that morning.

But they had taken away my mobile phone, wrist watch, my marriage ring and everything else and gave it to my wife. They won’t let me talk to my wife as she was not allowed into the ICU except once initially when she bought me a Bermuda and a T-Shirt to change from my White Naval Uniform. I had no way of communicating with my wife. I was lying in isolation.

Around forty five minutes of trying Thrombolysis to dissolve my blocked artery and failed, now they were racing against time to reach me into a good local civil hospital for an angioplasty where they have the facility to mechanically remove the artery block and put a stent there. I was still in a jovial mood, still considering that mild discomfort to be a nothing more than a muscle pain which obviously thrombolysis cannot remove.

A True Life Story


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