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True Story - Ambulance Ride to Heart Attack Care Hospital

Since the thrombolysis did not do much good to me and my heart attack chest pain continued, the decision of the cardiologist to send me to a good heart attack care hospital was taken. Before I knew, I was put onto a mobile stretcher which was pushed at superfast speed towards an Ambulance. Two medical assistants, one young doctor and my poor wife were pushing the mobile ambulance at supersonic speed. They almost rammed the stretcher trolley to so many people all of who moved away just in time.

I am all that my wife had in this world. Her parents passed away due to illness half a decade back. In a minute the two thin medical assistants were struggling to lift my eighty kilogram body along with the twenty kilogram stretcher into the ambulance. Somehow they managed with the help of the young doctor and my wife helping them out.

I have seen Ambulance speeding past almost once every two days on the roads in the city I drive to come to office and I used to give way because that is the rule of the road. But never in my life had I even dreamt that one day I will be inside one of these vehicle called Ambulance screaming down the road at supersonic speed and a siren which would never stop honking. The driver of my ambulance was doing the same.

My ambulance driver had no respect for speed breakers and road signals. He broke all the rules of the road, as if someone is going to lose life if he did not drive super-fast. I was lying inside this screaming Ambulance and experiencing the reality of life myself. But since I was going with my brain telling me that I do not have a heart attack, but just a muscle pain in the chest,

I lay there joking with the junior doctor who was not a cardiologist and my wife both of whom never understood the reason for my not being serious like them. We reached the heart attack caring hospital in about an hour. They were all relieved. I was puzzled as to why they were all so worried. What was happening inside the ambulance between the two hospital is another true story.

A True Life Story


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