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True Story - A Cardiologist Treats My Heart Attack

My heart attack was in progress for over six hours now and it was only a miracle that I was still alive. Without a cardiologist in that hospital my fate was almost sealed. Suddenly, the medical specialist doctor remembered and told me that I am very lucky.

I looked at him and thought, what is there to be so lucky if my ECG is going wrong and my heart is not behaving. The medical specialist doctor said that a Cardiologist was supposed to come down to this hospital that morning for about ten days on a temporary basis as a replacement for a medical specialist who was going on leave.

The medical specialist doctor took his phone and rang up that cardiologist’s number and smiled at me. He told me that the cardiologist was already in the hospital and will arrive in his cabin. In about five minutes, the Cardiologist walked in. We shook hands and he looked at my ECG.

Suddenly, the Cardiologist called for a wheel chair. I never thought that he called for the wheel chair for me till he told me to sit on the wheel chair. I asked where we are going. He said, he needs to take my Echo Cardiograph in the sonography room.

I said, "I came driving my car from home and I came walking to this office. So do I need a wheel chair. I am not having a heart attack. It is just a muscle pain. I came to get a pain killer prescribed. Do you really think I need a wheel chair?"

The cardiologist did not budge and told me firmly that now he is in charge and I need to do exactly as he says. No more questions. I sat on the wheel chair. It was so embarrassing wearing my uniform going around in the hospital on a wheel chair on the same route I had walked a few minutes back.

Everyone I passed by either looked at me askance and those who knew me wanted to know what happened. I myself did not know as to why I am being taken on a wheel chair for a simple muscle pain in the chest which I was not ready to believe was a heart attack. The moment I reached near the sonography room, I got up from the wheel chair and stood there to avoid people asking me why am I on a wheel chair. I had no answer to what people were asking me and I did not want to be asked either.

I had no major ailment and felt perfectly fine except for a little muscle pain happening in my chest area. But I was refusing to believe that I have a heart attack going on right at that moment. I was not sure if I will survive. But even the cardiologist did not confirm to me that I have a heart attack. He just wanted to take my echo cardiography in the sonography room to confirm a heart attack.

A True Life Story


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