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True Story - The Ghost Of Commander XXXX Flew Away

Tom stood shaking with fear of this imaginary ghost of Commander XXXX who committed suicide two decades back hanging from the fan under which Tom sleeps. And now there was blood all around his bed as was told to us by the senior officer that people who stayed in that cabin number 129 had seen in the past so many times.

It was for me now to go and investigate. I too was a little scared but put on a courageous look on my face and walked slowly into Tom's cabin. I did not realise that the moment I turned my back to Tom, he ran out of our ghost cabin at full speed completely gripped in fear of the non existant ghost.

The line of blood around Tom's bed seemed to go all around the bed. This is a true story. I followed the blood streak. The bloody line seemed to come from the bathroom and again was going back into the bathroom. I wondered, "Was the ghost of Commander XXXX living in the bathroom. Have I been locking myself in the bathroom so many times a day with the ghost?"

Reluctantly, but acting confident to pacify my friend Tom, I followed the blood trail into the bath room. And there lay a pigeon with a metal arrow in its left wing and the poor thing was bleeding. Some kids outside had shot an arrow made from the spokes of an umbrella at the pigeon.

The Ghost PegionLucky pigeon had escaped as the arrow had hit one of its wings. I caught the pigeon and slowly removed the arrow and called out to Tom, “Hey Tom, come and meet the Ghost of our dear Commander XXXX who is has been staying with us for the past three weeks. He wants to meet you.”

But Tom was standing outside and talking to me through the window, his voice still unsteady. Tom just did not want to enter our famous ghost cabin no 129. I took the poor pigeon out to show Tom. But Tom was scared to come anywhere near the poor pigeon. After sometime I let the pigeon fly off to freedom.

That is when our Civilian Bearer, came with the afternoon tea. I told the Civilian Bearer to clean up the blood in our cabin with soap and water, as we waited outside. I looked at Tom. He looked relieved and was smiling at himself probably on his own foolishness. Tom was not scared anymore and had started talking normally as if nothing had happened. This is a true story.

But before the Civilian Bearer left with his tea can after cleaning up the blood stain from the floor, I heard Tom ordering the Civilian Bearer in Hindi language, "Voh sahab ka bed bhi bedroom mein pankhey ke neechey shift kardo", which meant, Shift Sahab’s bed (my bed) also into the bedroom, next to his bed under the fan.

That just meant only one thing. Tom was still believing that there was Commander XXXX, the ghost still living in our cabin no 129 and the blood oozing bird was that Ghost of Commander XXXX living inside a pegion. The Commander could shift from the pegion's body to one of us anytime.

Tom won't be sleeping peacefully anymore under that fan unless my bed is also in the bedroom under the same fan which Commander XXXX used to hang himself and release his ghost in that cabin to haunt its occupants as long as that cabin no 129 exists. I told my friend Tom, "Hey, we have already set Commander XXXX ghost free. Don't you remember, Commander XXXX flew away as a pigeon the other day? Why are you still worried?"

We stayed in that ghost cabin for full six months. I never saw Tom sleeping peacefully after that incident. I have seen awake often at night peeping through his blanket with which he would cover himself completely at night even in peak summer months that we stayed in that cabin. Tom probably thought that a ghost cannot enter his body piercing through a thick blanket. Believe it or not, this was a true story written exactaly as it happened with me.

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