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True Story - I Saw The Real Ghost Alive

We both reached our cabin no 129. Tom was too scared to leave me. He wanted me open the door and enter our cabin first. Tom followed me. As usual the two of us lay on our beds for a short afternoon nap. I watched Tom. I saw that Tom was just lying there looking up at the fan. He must have been imagining the young officer XXXX who must have hung from the fan and committed suicide.

I might have dozed off for abour half an hour. It was around 3:30 pm, just about an hour from the time we came back to our cabin. Tom shook me violently out of my sleep. As I opened my eyes, there stood my dear friend Tom like Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry cartoon, shaking all over and whispering, "Pal, there is blood all around my bed. The senior officer was right. The ghost of Commander XXXX is still living in our cabin, with us. We need to shift out of this damned cabin right now. Get up and run out"

Tom's bed and my bed were just two meters apart with only a curtain in between. Yet Tom stood there shaking with fear, as I went to his room on the other side of the curtain. Tom was so scared that he ran out of the cabin and stood outside the building.

As I went to the other side of the curtain, still a bit sleepy, I got a shock. The senior officer had said that people have seen blood around the bed in the past and he was probably right. Is it possible that the real life story he narrated was true. Is that true life story happening with us in real time?

As I stood there frozen, I saw a continuous streak of blood near Tom's bed. There is a real ghost alive and living in our cabin. This was contrary to all my belief and whatever all my elders and parents have told me to this day that ghosts do not exist in real world. They were all wrong, I thought standing there for a few seconds as fear started gripping me. But I had to act bold, to make sure that my friend Tom becomes normal. So, I started walking closer to inspect the blood.

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