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True Story - A Ghost Steals Fuel From My Bike Twice

This is a true story, but hard to believe even for Tom my friend who refused to let me stay with him in that ghost's bed room. Everyday we had to walk to our Officers mess for each meal. The Mess was just a hundred yards from our cabin. But the school where we were undergoing training was over a kilometer and a half which took a long time to walk in uniform in that hot humid season those days in Kochi.

One day, I told Tom that I am going to buy a bike. He said OK. And on that Saturday when I went to buy my bike, Tom came along with me. Neither Tom nor did I know how to ride a bike. We did not even think or talk about how to ride the bike back to our ghost cabin after I buy the bike. But, I was confident that I knew how to use clutch and gear change tricks.

I was very confident that I can somehow ride the bike back home. The two of us took a bus to the bike show room. At the bike show room ten kilometers away, I paid ready cash, bought the bike, kick started the bike put it into gear and started our ten kilometer journey back to our cabin.

The bike must have stopped at least twenty times when I tried to get it moving, because I did not know the exact way to use the first gear and clutch. After twenty failed attempts, finally I got it moving on the road. I was scared of going back into the first gear. So I never reduced the speed and rode it like a madmax through the traffic, because if I slow down or stop the bike, then I will have trouble with the first gear clutch once again.

A Ghost Steals Fuel From My Bike Once - A True Story

The bike suddenly stopped after we traveled for about a kilometer. We asked some passing bike guy to help us. He looked into the fuel tank. It was empty. How could the fuel in the tank vanish? We thought there was some fuel guzzling ghost in that bike. The company had filled just a few milliliters of fuel in the tank to show us that the bike engine starts and runs. The bike guy laughed and went away. We pushed the bike about a kilometer to the nearest fuel bunk and got fuel filled to the full capacity of the tank.

As we started off from the fuel bunk, Tom wanted me to take him to a movie to celebrate the new bike purchase. I agreed and we went for a movie. The bike engine stalled many times during break application when I had to stop due to traffic and tried to get the bike moving again. This went on for till we reached the movie hall and I was frustrated.

At the movie hall I parked the bike in an underground parking and went into the movie threatre. After the movie was over I spent almost half an hour trying to get the bike climb the slope out of the underground parking in the first gear.

The Ghost Steals fuel From My Bike A Second Time - A True Story

As we came on the road and traveled for about a kilometer, the bike stopped suddenly and won't start again. I did not know why. Has the ghost once again evaporated a full tank of fuel? I requested another passing biker to help out.

Like the last time, this biker guy also opened and looked into the fuel tank, laughed at us and went away. I looked into the fuel tank and found it absolutely empty. I could not believe it. Is there a ghost which steals fuel from my bike tank without me seeing it.

Then after discussing with Tom, I came to the conclusion that this time the fuel was stolen from my bike by someone when it was parked in the underground parking, when the two of us were merily watching the movie and it was not the job of a ghost. What will a ghost do with fuel anyway?

I pushed my bike again for a second time with Tom helping me meekly, for over a kilometer to reach another fuel station. I fuelled it just about half tank as I was short of cash after buying the bike, filling it full tank of fuel, spending on movie ticket and popcorn and now filling fuel for a second time. The next day I went to a bike workshop and asked him to fix a lock on the fuel tank outlet and the fuel tank cap. Since then I never faced fuel theft from my bike.

Sleeping With A Bike - A True Story

A few days later Tom decided that he needs to buy a bike because he did not want to be my pillion anymore. Tom went alone one day and bought a Hero Honda bike which was the only four stroke engine bike available those days. Tom was already wanting to buy that bike and used to tell me that my bike drinks fuel where as the four stroke engine bike he was going to buy can run just by smelling fuel.

I did not even know till I came back to our ghost cabin that evening and saw a new bike inside our ghost cabin that Tom has bought the bike of his dreams. Now the problem was that he was so much in love with his bike that he moves the bike into the ghost cabin and sleeps with one hand on his bike seat.

Tom had named his bike "Baby" which was written on its fuel tank. The Baby is rolled into the bedroom and placed next to his bed with its handle turned such that its head light is facing Tom's face on bed. This is a true story and I wish I had a camera to shoot this scene.

It was very difficult to sleep because of the fuel smell inside the cabin at night. The smell of fuel used to become so intense that I could hardly sleep at night and to go out often to breath fresh air. Tom's bond with his bike was so strong, that he refused to understand my problem of a suffocating feeling, smelling fuel throughout the night caused by his bike Baby brought inside the room.

Eloping With A Bike at Midnight - A True Story

I had an idea. Tom sleeps like a log and never wakes up even if there is a bomb going off next to him, till the morning. The next day onwards, I used to stay awake till he slept off like a log and then carefully elope with his lover, out of the cabin. He never used to reaslise this as I never made any sound whilst throwing his baby bike out.

When he wakes up in the morning he never remembered that his bike was next to his bed before he slept and now it is parked outside the ghost cabin. He never asked me how his bike had landed outside at night. Every night, for over a week I had to repeat this procedure, till Tom finally learned to sleep without his bike placed next to his bed.

A True Ghost Story Unfolds

About a week later, one Sunday afternoon, Tom and I were sitting in the Bar of the Mess. That is when one of our senior officers who was also undergoing a course with us came that way. The senior officer heard us discussing and laughing about bikes and the ghost that drinks fuel. He said, "You both want to hear some ghost stories I presume? I will tell you a story of a real ghost that lives in one of the cabins in this mess."

Tom, out of his curiosity asked, "Sir, which cabin does this ghost stay in?"

The senior Officer said, "There is a cabin no 129 where an officer had committed suicide by hanging himself.

The two of us were curious and just kept staring at him. The senior officer asked, "Why are you two looking at me like that. You two are not staying in cabin number 129, are you?"  This true story of a ghost was really going to hurt the two of us. The senior officer started narrating the true story of this real ghost which is seen by many who have stayed in that cabin number 129 in the past. From that moment, the two of us were sitting on the edge of a super hot chair and looking at the senior officer without blinking.

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