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True Story - A Real Ghost Who Lived With Us

As the senior officer looked at us awaiting an answer from us as to which cabin we were staying, Tom answered in a low voice, "Yes Sir, the two of us are living in the cabin no 129".

The senior officer smiled and said, "Don't tell me that the two of you did not know, that is the cabin where Commander XXXX committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan in the bed room?" Now the ceiling fan this senior officer was mentioning was in the same fan under which Tom was sleeping for the past few weeks with his Bike Baby those days.

Cabin No 129Tom asked, "When did he commit suicide, Sir? There can't be a Ghost living with us in our cabin without our knowledge. We haven't seen any ghost till now in the past three weeks we have lived in that cabin. You are just fooling us."

The senior officer said, "No, I am not fooling you because you stay in cabin no 129. This is a true life ghost story. But don't worry, this young officer XXXX committed suicide very long ago about two decades back when XXXX was a Sub Lieutenant. All his Course mates are now promoted to the rank of Commander. So people who knew him, kept virtually promoting Sub Lieutenant XXXX also along with them, to maintain his relative seniority with his course mates.

The senior officer continued scaring the two of us by continueing his true ghost story, "But be careful OK. People who have stayed in cabin no 129, have often seen blood marks and experienced unusual happenings in that cabin. That is why it was empty when you two came because nobody wanted to stay in that cabin. That is why it was empty. The Quartermaster did not tell you when he was allotting a cabin with a ghost living in it already to the two of you?"

Tom who was now very scared said, "No Sir, the quartermaster never told us the ghost story or that the cabin has been lying vacant for so long."

A True Story - We Were Living With A Ghost

The senior officer continued his ghost story, "The quartermaster must have been really happy because, nobody wants to stay in 129. After an unnatural death, the body may get cremated by humans, but the soul of the body or the ghost, stays in the cabin or the place where it came out of the dead body. This soul or ghost may even get into some people or animals staying there in that place or the cabin”.

The senior officer continued this true story of a ghost that was supposed to be still living in the cabin the two of us were staying, “Even the behaviour of the people into whom this soul enters, may become like the dead person. But don’t worry, I myself don’t believe in ghosts."

The senior officer continued, "Often people have seen fresh blood around their beds and bathroom etc. No one really knows how the blood appears in broad day light. There must be some truth in this true story."

Tom kept listening very intently and had actually believed all that the senior officer was bragging in the name of a true story of a ghost that was supposed to be living in our cabin with us all these days. We were not even aware that a ghost was staying in our own cabin.

By the time the senior officer finished his ghost story, Tom was half scared to death. Tom didn't speak during lunch and was silent mostly as he walked reluctantly back to our ghost infested cabin no 129 after lunch. What I did not notice was that his face was white with fear. We reached our cabin and the real part of this true story of ghost started unfolding. The ghost was going to show up in an hour. The best part of this true ghost story was just about to happen.

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