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True Story - A Ghost Lived In My Cabin

This true story started when we came to this place in south India for a short course. After we reached the railway station I and my friend Tom went out and took a taxi to the base. We went straight into the Officers mess. Tom and I checked into the Officers mess and we were allotted cabin number 129, by the most powerful guy in a Command Mess, the Quartermaster.

A quartermaster is a person who is basically doing a receptionist’s job in any Officer’s Mess. Being trainees, the quartermaster did not give us single cabins. Instead he gave the two of just one cabin only. That means the two of us will have to share the cabin.

The cabin number 129 had two rooms connected by a large opening where instead of a door, a big curtain separates the rooms. I had to be content with the small entrance area or room because, Tom had already established himself in the bed room with attached bathroom and totally refused to stay doubled up in the same room with me.

No one would believe this is a true story. Tom had a baby face, but when came to privacy, he was hard to convince. He just did not agree that the two of us should put our beds next to each other under the single fan. In the entrance room, the moment someone opens the door my bed is right at the entrance door.

Tom was a good friend. So, I agreed to stay in the entrance room because it was just a six months course for which we were there and we will be going to be posted out of Kochi after that. But what the two of us did not know was that the cabin no 129 which was allotted to us and we had shiften into, had a ghost living in it for a couple of decades.

The ghost was going to live with us for a full six months. This is a true story. We were not aware that this ghost which lived in our cabin was going to make its appearance in a few days in flesh and blood, to the two of us.

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