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True Story - Two Army Train Engines Go Missing At The Railway Station

The true story has had a new twist as we understood after people got down at this small railway station and started inquiring as to why this powerful army train was stopped withing just 45 minutes of starting to move in the morning. The answer that came from the railway station staff was funny.

According to the railway staff the two engines were supposed to pull the train from the previous railway station from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. In those three hours the army train would have reached half way through their journey to the forward area. But since the army unit was busy doing morning exercises, bathing, having breakfast etc, the railway staff had to wait for a long time and then removed the engines.

This was followed by the arguments which the army unit Commanding Officer had won and the railway station staff had reconnected the two engines to the long army train and by about 10:30 am the army train had started moving. But the true story got a twist now when the two engines attached to this army train had to pull two other trains from different stations past lunch.

So the railway station staff were told to detach the two diesel engines from the army train and despatch them. The only way to do that was stop the army train at this small railway station and let the two engines go on their scheduled duty.

Thus without telling the Commanding Officer of the army unit on the train, this new railway station staff just detached the two diesel engines and sent them off. The army train was left high and dry once again like the four days they had spent at the previous railway station. It is a real true-story that the two engines of the army train had gone missing a third time within twelve hours.

Why The Army Train Engines Went Missing At Railway Station - A True Story

And as the promised by the railway station staff of the new railway station, three hours from 8:00 am to 11:00 am was over, the railways detached the engines and were sent off to pull their own scheduled trains from the next big station.

This was not seen as a set back by the army bosses, because they were already high with the accomplishment of having moved the entire army unit including women, children, vehicles and luggage in a single train with 50 wagons a few kilometers closer to their destination.

When will they reach their destination did not matter at all. Having moved from their original railway station itself was considered as a big achievement by the army. The army life must go on with the changing positions of the clock needles. The lunch was ready and the whole queueing happened again.

The Fight Over The Missing Army Train Engines - A True Story

The Commanding Officer of any army unit is considered as a King. His word is order. No once questions him. But here was a set of civilian staff called railway station employees who were stealing two engines of the army train on which the army unit Commanding Officer was also travelling. This was not acceptable to the army. They went all out to fight the railway staff. The heated arguments started.

In the end the railway staff offered a solution. They were ready to provide one engine immediately from somewhere, but the army will have to make the 50 wagon train into two trains. The engine will then be connected to the passenger part of the army train which will move.

The other part with only the luggage and vehicles will be left behind at this new railway station. Whenever an engine is free the second part of the army train would be pulled to the new place as soon as possible. But the army was not ready for any division. It was against their culture of fighting as one team. The fight was a stalemate.

True Story - One Engine To ReplaceTwo Missing Engines Of The Army Train

The army train with two missing engines had to stay put in that small station which was also inside a jungle for another day or two till two new diesel engines are made available. The army did not accept defeat. The army unit Commanding Officer was adamant that the next morning he wanted the 50 wagon long army train to start moving again.

To the army team spirit, this was just not acceptable to divide his long train into two short army trains. As a fighting unit the army has to stay together and their vehicles were their life line. So there was no way the army train was going to be divided into two trains.

The army unit Commanding Officer insisted on pulling on as a single train and single team. The railway staff did not guarantee, but promised to try their best to replace the two missing engines of the army train.

The railway staff were helpless and said that the army needs to wait for another day at this station for the two engines to be made available. The army never gave up. The discussions went on for a little more time. And in the end the army and railway staff left for lunch, after the Commanding Officer of the army unit agreed to wait till next day to get a replacement for the two missing engines of his army train.

The Army Train With Two Missing Engines Was Stuck Till Next Sunrise - A True Story

The train was not going anywhere till the next morning and the Commanding Officer of the army unit passed orders that there will be an off in the evening from 4 pm till 7 pm that day, when all people whose families are on the army train may go out to the small town. The Commanding Officer allowed people to go out of the army train into the town outside because he felt that the entire army had already been living in this jail on rail for over four days.

We all had a good lunch and had a walk on the platform of the railway station and some even went out of the railway station, since the railways had informed that two engines cannot be given simultaneously to pull the long army train. The army unit the orders of their Commanding Officer and entire army men and their families were back on the train before sunset.

I thought this true story running on the train was going to end the next day when the two new engines arrive and the army train starts moving again. But this true story had something more in store for me to experience when the sun rises the next day. I blissfully slept off in the army train unaware of the events about to happen when the two new engines arrive next morning.

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