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True Story - Two Army Train Go Engines Missing During Dinner

The railways had given two diesel engines which were connected to the army train. But the dinner time was around and the army bosses had decided to allow the army men and families to have dinner before they start the journey. But the army train was having trouble at dinner time which was going to change the time of the army train starting to move from that small railway station.

The true story of the first real dinner on the train was progressing. It was a grand dinner served from the Lungar or catering wagon of the train. the entire army unit along with the ladies and children had impatiently stood in queue to get their dinner. There were some altercation between some ladies. But the army men came in and resolved the issue.

The reason for the altercation of the ladies was because they were not used to the seniority differences of their husband with respect to the other ladies husbands. As far as the wives were concerned, they were all women and where does the seriority issue pop in from. After the altercations were resolved amicably, all the men and ladies took their filled dinner plates to their own reserved seats in the army train to have dinner in peace and chatting with the other friendly families on board. The dinner gave me a feel of a picnic.

By the time the dinner was served and had by everyone, there was another queue formed in front of the water tanker bogie, to wash hands and the utensils the army people and their families had dinner. Everything got over by 10 pm almost three hours after it all started. The dinner was over and al the army people and families had all settled back in to their own reserved seats in the army train. We all waited for the train to start moving. But the army train engines had gone missing.

Two Army Train Engines Missing - A True Story

This true story was going for a twist. Even after an hour after the chaos of dinner was over, the army train did not move. That is when we all realised that the two engines connected to the army train were missing. Those engines were scheduled to pull some scheduled trains elsewhere. Everyone realised that they were going to spend one more night in that railway station. There was no choice. But the true story was going to bend a little in a few minutes.

When the Commanding Officer of the Army Unit was told that the train engines were missing, he came out of his wagon fuming. He along with his second in command and the adjutant went to the railway station. Another braggle between the railway staff and the army bosses for a second time that day happened. The heated arguments lasted well past midnight.

The explanation given by the railway staff was that those engines have scheduled trains to pull after three hours and due to traffic on the single railway line, it may not be possible to stop this fifty wagon long a train in any of the smaller stations after three hours because the army did not let the train move due to its dinner time schedule. Finally, it was decided that by morning 8:00 am there will be two engines made available for a slot of just three hours non stop run of the train.

I woke up to a wistle at 5:30 am the next morning. The army had to muster all the men in the morning sharp at 6:00 am and do PT or physical training for maintaining their health. I had to wake up so early because my father woke up to get ready and was gone for physical training muster at 5:55 am. Exercise is a mandatory part of army life. There was on escape for anyone from it.

The weather in the Raiwala jungle was very cold and I went back to sleep for another half an hour. But the commotion of army unit exercising, woke me up. I saw the army do the mass exercises on the railway track with a few civilian people on the platform which was on the other side, witnessing all this with awe.

True Story - Two Army Train Engines Go Missing A Second Time

I sat watching the beautiful sight of the six hundred army people do their morning exercise standing in a few orderly group with the civilian people watching it from the station platform. I heard noise from the other side of our army train and saw two engines go past in the opposite direction. Then I felt the jolt on the train which was an indication that the diesel train engines had been connected to our train.

That meant that the railway staff had given two diesel engines as promised the previous night to the Commanding Officer of the army unit. I thought that once the exercise routine was over, the train would start moving as we have two diesel engines. But I was wrong. The true story was not happening the way I thought it would.

The army people exercised for about an hour and then it was time for their bath. There was a queue in front of the water tanker wagon for bathing. The ladies and children were queued up separately with buckets to take water into the bathrooms in their own wagons. Another hour and a half was gone and then it was time for breakfast. Like the previous day, I saw another two diesel engines go past my wagon.

 BEveryone had finished bath, it was time for having breakfast for everyone. Once again everyone queued up in front of the pantry wagon doors like the previous night. And by the time everyone settled back in their bogies after breakfast, it was well past 10 am because people were standing in queue for everything starting from the washrooms, then the exercise, then in front of the water tanker and after all that for breakfast.

The true story was having too many bents along the route. The two diesel engines I saw go past our wagon an hour back was the same two diesel engines which were connected to our army train a few hours back. Once again the army train without any engine to move from the small railway station in the jungle. Everyone was sad about the turn of events.

The true story was rewriting itself almost once every two hours. All the excitement of the breakfast was blown away in a moment when we realised that we may have to spent the fourth day in that small railway station in a hired army train. But no one gave up hope. The picnic on the train was continueing, because it was time for tea at 10:30 am just about 30 minutes later.

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