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True Story - The Army Train Gets Disciplined in 24 Hours

The true story was flowing smoothly. Everyone came on board the train that evening before sunset and at the 7:00 pm roll call, nobody was found missing. A report was made to the Commanding Officer of the army unit on the train in this regard and he was relieved. If anyone was not to return the procedures would have been difficult as they were not in their parent base and to top it all the army unit was operating from a train stuck in some remote railway station. The army unit on this train was still disciplined.

Then came the evening dinner time when the same scene that was happening at meals time daily thrice for the past four days was repeated. But this time even the women and children have started behaving themselves and learned to stand patiently in line in front of the Langar or the pantry wagon, Water bowser bogie and toilets etc. There was discipline everywhere on the army train.

There were no altercation amongst the wives on this army train anymore. Everyone seems to know everyone else and would greet each other cordially. It is a true story that even the ladies had learned which all ladies are senior to them by virtue of the seniority of their respective husbands and started paying mark of respect to the senior's wife.

The ladies would even move out of the line and allow the senior army man's wife to come in to the queue before them for meals and even in the washroom queues. These were very heartening to hear for the Commanding Officer from his deputy army officers who were briefed in turn by their respective Junior Commissioned Officers in each train bogie. The entire army train gets disciplined in under four days.

True Story - Why Did The Army Train Get Disciplined?

It is really a true story of how an entire army train full of army officers, men and their ladies and children of all ages got discipined. But there was a big reason for the people on the army train getting so well disciplined. And the reason was that all the men women and children had realised that they all had nowhere else to go till the army train reaches their destination

 It is not a true story, but a true fact that once the army unit is moved to a new forward area, that army unit will be provided with brand new offices and brand new accommodation specifically built for their families. The army plans it so well, that it was something to look forward to when moving from a place in a jungle where an army unit was raised, lived without any aminities till that army unit gets moved into a new big city.

Usually the army unit used to be moved in this army train. This was reason good enough for the families of the army men and officers to get disciplined in anticipation of the goods that will come to them once they reach their new place and office or homes. The more they cause indiscipline, the more time it will take to reach their destination.

The railway staff was also not co-operating. The railways were not able to give two engines simultaneously for this unusually long 50 wagon long army train. And when the railway staff were kind enough to give two engines, the army unit was not able to move on time because for the army tea time, breakfast, lunch and dinner times, exercise times were so important that they won't settle down in the train on time.

The Army Unit Gets Fully Disciplined - A True Story

We were all a team in less than 24 hours of the train starting to move from the previous. This time, the dinner took under two hours compared to three hours the previous day. That was a big achievement in terms of discipline for the army. The Commanding Officer even made a mention to his second in Command on this.

We were all learning the art of being desciplined in life like my father and the fully disciplined army in which he served the nation. It is a true story that four days had gone past and the army was not at all perturbed that their army train has not moved more than 40 kilometers in four days. The Army lived, bathed, ate, did their morning exercise, mid day arms drill and continued to work on the train, as if they owned the entire railway station and that train in particular.

The next day two engines were made available by about 2:00 pm. The train was running smoothly for about an hour and a half. I always used to sit on the seat near the open window of the train without any grills, enjoying the view of the thick jungle outside. It was so thick a jungle that no sunlight reached the ground except along the railway track on which the army train was speeding.

Sitting on the seat near the window, I had spotted all kinds of animals in those jungles as the train sped through it, like black monkeys, peacock which is the national bird of India, multicoloured birds, especially a fleet of parrots, black faced grandpa monkeys etc. As I sat and enjoyed the free jungle ride, there was sudden brake applied and the train started decelerating fast and came to a stop almost instantly.

There was a smell of the rocks being ground. It was more of a burning smell due to the heat generated by the brake pads rubbing against the wheels and the iron wheels rubbing against the steel rails. The train came to a stop in a few seconds. Everyone was worried. No one knew what had happened. This true story of the army train was going to have a new twist which was completely unplanned.

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