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End of A True Story - The Army Train Reaches Destination

The Army Train Travelled 385 kilometers in Eleven Days is a True Story hard to believe even for me who was in that army train from the start till the end. The journey of 385 kilometers would have taken not more than seven to eight hours by train. I could have been just an overnight journey from Raiwala in the state of Uttar Pradesh to Bhatinda in the state of Punjab in India.

But thanks to the way of life in the army, the seven hour train journey of just about 385 km, took eleven days to complete at an average rate of just 35 km a day. All said and done we had reached the destination. But the true story was not going to end as of now.

We were approaching Bhatinda railway station. The train had slowed down to walking pace around five kilometers before reaching the Bhatinda Railway staton. I felt sad at the thought of getting down from this train we had lived for eleven long days. It was more than a journey. It was a picnic. We learned the army way of life. It felt as if all the families were also part of the army that was onboard that army train for eleven days.

We all had started enjoying the life on the train which was about to an end in around ten minutes. The train was running at just walking pace for around ten minutes now. As I looked out of my window, I saw a very long line of tents pitched all along the railway track. That was an unusual sight. It looked like there was an army waiting to fight a war along the railway track.

The Army Train Finishes Journey -  A True Story

As the train came nearer to the rows of tents, I realised that actually there were so many army personnel in uniform. What was unusual was to see that there were women and children too in each of these unlimited number tents. My father announced that we have reached our destination named Bhatinda city. We have to get down. I was puzzled on hearing that because the train was still moving at walkng pace and there was no railway station anywhere around.

My father looked at me probably reading my mind and said that the tents we were seeing along the railway track was another army unit detailed to welcome us and those people in the tents were actually been waiting for us to reach since morning, so that they can welcome us all.

And finally, the train came to a halt. We were all ordered to alight from the train. As we alighted from the train, these people who were waiting near those tents started coming into the train and helping us with our luggage and very cordially invited us into the tents. That is when I realised that there was an entire army unit with their wives and children waiting for a full a day in tents to welcome our unit people to Bhatinda.

There was one tent for each family. Each army soldier of our unit was welcomed by a soldier of an equivalent rank, from the welcoming unit. It was evening 4 pm when we reached. So there was tea and snacks placed inside the tents for us. We sipped the tea chatted with our hosts whom we had met for the first time in our lives just on arrival, as if we knew them all for years. The same was the way those people behaving too. The bonding in the army is instant.    

My New House at Bhatinda
The new houses you see here are the ones specifically built brand new at Bhatinda for giving to my father's unit being shifted from Raiwala to Bhatinda. Even the paint smell was still there in the house when we opened and entered the new house.

A Brand New House Given To Each Army Family - A True Army Life Story

As we sat and spoke sipping tea and eating some snacks in tents meant for my father and family with another army man of his rank and that man's family, they handed over a key to our new house in Bhatinda. I learned that each family man was given the key to his house and a three tonner army vehicle of the welcoming unit, for loading his luggage from the train.

We all boarded our three tonner vehicle which was nothing but a truck with an empty trailer without any cover on its top and no seating arrangements in it. We sat on top of our own trunks. The ride to the army base was a rough one along a bad terrain once the three tonner truck veered off the main road for about five kilometers from the city limits to reach the new houses.

The three tonned stopped in front of a brand new house specifically built for our unit  personnel and taken over a week or ten days back. The smell of Paint in the house was still fresh as we entered our new house. Even today as I am finishing this true life story of the army train which I lived for eleven days about four decades back, I can still experience that fresh paint I could smell as I entered the newly built house.

I could never forget the army train true life story. It was not a story. It was a real life incident I lived through four decades back and once again as I wrote this true story for you to read, enjoy and experience it exactly as I experienced it in my life.

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