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True Story - The Army Train Without Engines

TrainThe army train had started moving at around 4:00 pm and ran for next three hours. Out of these three hours, the train had stopped twice at two small railway stations to let some other scheduled trains to pass. This was a medium sized railway station where the army train had once again stopped to let one more scheduled train to stop and it was already past 7:00 pm.

The army has dinner a bit early at 7:30 pm. So the army unit Commanding Officer called the second in Command and told him to stop the train for an hour more at that railway station for dinner so that the train need not be stopped thirty minutes later for dinner, on the tracks as they have been doing all this while. The Second in Command called the Adjutant and passed the order for serving dinner early at 7:00 pm. This is not a true story but a true fact about the army.

The problem was that the army unit Commanding Officer sitting on the train was passing orders to his officers without keeping his intentions known to the railway staff. This was a big problem. The train engine drivers were told not to move the train until dinner is over, but no time was told to them. They in turn infomed this to the railway officials.

The Army Train Engines Detached Without Army Permission - A True Story

The railway officials tracking the movement of the army train was fully aware that the dinner on the army train would take not less than two hours. And these two diesel engines on the army train had to pull some other scheduled trains from another station soon. So the railway officials decided to detach the two train engines to pull some other train else where and keep the army train on this railway station till the next day exactly as they have been doing till now.

As the time dinner was on, the train engines were detached without informing the army unit Commanding Officer on board the army train and sent off for pulling their sheduled trains elsewhere. The army unit Commandin Officer went to the railway station and fought. But it was useless. There were no train engines available that night to pull the army train and we had to spend that night on the train in that railway station with a hope of moving the next day.

Finding two engines simultaneously for the army train was a herculean task for the railways.So the army train minus the engines had to stary on that railway station for two days and nights. The army did its full routine smoothly and in the entire two days as if they were in their own base and the entire family was allowed to go out into the town on both days. It was a nice experience for everyone because this was big town with lots of fun opportunities.

All the families and men on the army train worked and enjoyed their stay in that railway station for two days till the railways managed two diesel engines and our army train was put on motion again. But the true story did not see its end anywhere on the horizon.

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