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True Story of Shooting On The Army Train

I could get the burning smell in the air. It was coming from the wheels of the army train which generated heat due to the sudden brake application. I put my whole body out of the windows to see ahead to find out why the train stopped. Those days there was grills in the train windows. Often people those days would board a crowded train through the windows because the doors were jam packed and getting into the train was difficult in the three or five minutes the train would stop in the railway stations.

There was no railway station in that jungle ahead of where the train had stopped so suddenly. That means there is something really wrong for the train to stop. This true story was going to be hilarious. I craned my neck further to see what happened. Far away I could see that the two engines were half way on a bridge over a wide river. Some people including a couple of ladies were walking alongside the train.

That was funny. Why would ladies go out of the train and not the army officers or men to find out what has happened. I too got out of the train through as did many others. I walked towards the front of the train to see for myself what was happening or what had gone wrong.

The engines of the train were already half way down the long bridge over a huge river. At the beginning of the bridge the name of the river was written. It was called Yamuna river. I was a bit scared walking on the open bridge.

I took the risk of going up to the engines without fear because this was a private train run by the army. They won't move the train unless everyone is back on board the train. As I reached the engines carefully walking along the bridge, I saw what was happening or what had already happened.

Yamuna River Bridge
This is the Railway Bridge over the River Yamuna where the ladies wanted to click photos standing on the train engines which were exactly on top of the Haryana and Uttar Pradesh border dividing line seen on the google map. You can click on the photo above to view the place on google map.

Two Women Shooting On The Army Train - A True Story

As I walked keeping close to the army train so that in case the train starts moving I can board it quickly, I saw two women on the river bridge climbing the forwardmost diesel engine of the train. One of the two ladies was the Commanding Officer's wife and the other lady was the wife of the Second in Command. They both were standing on the front end of the first engine and a a helper was clicking photographs with a huge magnesium flash camera set up a few yards in front of the train. I stood there watching the shooting for which the army train was stopped for a while.

In fact the boundary of the state of Uttarpradesh and the state of Haryana passes exactly over the center of this bridge over the river Yamuna river, where the train engines were stopped deliberately for shooting some photographs. It looked like the ladies had already planned the shooting well before the train had started moving from the last station.

Probably, the border line of both stations passing over this railway bridge center was the reason for all this shooting session on the railway diesel engine which was stopped exactly on the Haryana-Uttarpradesh border line.

That is when I heard the whistle. The whistle indicated tea time. The entire lot of people came out of the train and lined up in a very disciplined manner to collect tea with whatever tumblers they had. Some were outside the train just to enjoy the jungle view. And a few like me had found the shooting of photographs more interesting than the tea.

Another 45 minutes went past before everyone settled back in their bogies. And all this while I was enjoying the shooting session with the ladies giving different poses on different part of the diesel engine including the driver's cabin and later they were posing for shooting well ahead on the bridge with the army train in the background.

After the photo shoot and the tea time was over, I too went back to my seat in the army train which started moving again. We had wasted over an hour and a half thanks to the desires of two women expressed to their powerful husbands traveling on this army train.

An hour and a half after the shooting on the army train stopped and the train started moving, we reached a big station. Total running time of the train that day was two and a half hours only excluding the one and a half hour stop for shooting on the train, over the yamuna river bridge for the photoshoot.

An Army Of Monkies Raid During Shooting On The Train - A True Story

But as I was watching the shooting and almost all the people had come down from the army train and were busy enjoying the beauty of the jungle around, there was another true story happening right inside the army train which no one realised. There was an army of monkeys which had descended down from the low hanging branches of the trees on top of the army train.

Blissfully unaware of this monkey army walking on top of the train silently, everyone was enjoying their life, focused on their tea and shooting session and a new true story was being written by the monkeys right inside the army train.

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