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True Story - The Empty Army Ammunition Boxes Becomes A House

Army Ammunition BoxThe ammunition boxes were available in plenty in those days and even today. The only difference was that those days there was not much accounting. The ammunition boxes had no purpose after the ammunition in it is expended. So the army found a lot of uses for the ammuntion boxes. It turned out that these ammunition boxes were actually very useful and there was not need to dump them as waste.

This is a true story that actually used to happen in the old times. This army unit had no idea what to do with the empty ammunition boxes. After a major exercise of two months when the entire army unit goes to a far off firing range, they expend thousands and thousands of rounds of bullets from their big guns and their smaller guns or pistols etc.

The army unit cannot throw the ammunition boxes at the firing range because there are so many army units coming to the firing range throughout the year that there would be a big mountain of army ammunition boxes. So the people at the firing range ensures that each army unit who comes and fires their guns there also take their empty bullets and ammunition boxes with them back to their army base.

The army unit had to come with an idea to use these empty ammunition boxes. And there were plenty of ways the army unit was using these empty ammunition boxes. The army would make ammunition boxes into luggage carrying boxes and even houses. This is a true story and not my imagination.

I have lived in one such house for about one year. The walls of the house looked like a stack of metal boxes. If it is sunny outside, then the metallic boxes would be hot and the house becomes an oven. At night when it becomes cold outside, the boxes freeze and there is even more lower temperature inside the house than the outside air.

True Story of How The Army Makes Houses With Empty Ammunition Box

Once the army unit returns back to base, they do not know what to do with the empty ammunition boxes. In fact there were metallic ammunition boxes also, but were too small to be of any use and they normally throw it away. Any army person is free to take it home and use it. The army found a way to use them. The army people found a great idea of using this wasted ammunition boxes. They started making temporary walls using these empty ammunition boxes.

There were shortage of houses for families. What the army would do was to fill mud or cement into these one foot high, two feet long and six inches wide metallic ammunition boxes and cement them like bricks to make walls of a two  room house. Once the walls are made, the army would put up a tent on top of the four walls and a house was ready for one family to move in till a proper house falls vacant for the family to move in later.

How The Empty Army Ammunition Box Truns Into A Luggage Box Is Another True Story

The army gets a lot of wooden ammunition boxes also which last a life time because these ammunition comes in boxes made of the best wood available in the country for safety reasons. Even if these heavy wooden boxes are thrown around with a full load of ammunition inside, nothing happens to the ammunition box.

Some people would use the boxes without any modification, but just painting their names on those green coloured boxes and start using them as personal luggage boxes. Even 30 years after retirement, my father still owns four green wooden ammunition boxes as souvenirs from his past army life.

We loaded all our empty ammunition boxes converted to luggage boxes to carry our personal belongings into the train that the army had hired. We were all ready for the big move of the army unit to a city from the village in the jungle where we were living for the past one year. We were all excited. But that is when this bad news came. And this true story was going to take a bad turn once again.

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