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True Story - Monkeys Steal Biscuits From An Army Train

MonkeyThere was an army of monkeys waiting on the top of the branches of the jungle trees overhanging the part of the train still in the jungles and had not reached the river bridge, waiting for an opportunity to raid the train, which the monkey army was going to get very soon. The monkeys somehow came there smelling the biscuits which children and families on the army train were eating. This is a true story which had actually happened.

The photo shooting on the Yamuna river bridge on the border of the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in India by the ladies giving poses in fron of the train engines was in progress. The entire lot of men and their families flocked to that  place to watch the photo shoot leaving the entire train behind the engines completely empty.

Then entire monkey army descended silently on to the top of the train bogies, when we were all out of our bogies. This army was of monkeys comprising of ferocious male monkeys, protective mother monkeys and small cute monkey babies showed their teeth and screeched to scare off the few people who were still inside the train.

The monkeys ate whatever fruits, nuts, biscuits and other food items they could eat very peacefull as the train was now completely empty. The monkeys also filled up the two bags on the side of their mouths. Then they picked up whatever food stuff they could carry in their two hands and between their teeth and climbed over to the top of the train and started running on top of the train bogies and climbed on to the overhanging branches.

Monkey Army Loves Buiscuits Stolen From Army Train - A True Story

The monkeys had got away with all the fruits we all had bought from the town we were stopped previously before the train moved a couple of hours ago. I was the first come back to the bogie after watching the ladies photo shoot on the bridge. I reaslised that we had lost only a bunch of bananas, a few packets of biscuits and one packet of bread kept outside. The rest of the food articles were inside a steel trunk below the berth and had survived the monkey army attack and loot of the train. This is a true story.

I had never noticed these monkeys at all. So I just went out to see the commotion which had started because of the people who had now started coming into their train bogies and had found all their food items which had vanished. Some people were pointing up at some trees and screaming. I looked at the trees and found an army of monkeys eating all our fruits and other food stuff they had robbed from the army train.

Amazingly most monkeys had more biscuits and bread in their hands than fruits. Probably, the monkeys had developed a taste bud for biscuits in that raid. They may have found a new sweet taste much better than the taste of the raw fruits, leaves and nuts they were eating daily in the jungles. What is funny was that the monkeys were careless. They were dropping more biscuits and bread on to the ground than they were eating sitting on the trees.

Monkey Army Teaches Families On The Army Train A Lesson - A True Story

This true story was not going to end soon. Everyone was back on the train, the photo shooting was over. It was tea time which is normally at 3:30 pm and is an integral part of army life. It did not matter that the army is now traveling on a train with families. Life must go on. So after photo shooting was over, the train could not move because of the tea timing. That day the pantry car had a lot of biscuits packets opened as everyone was given biscuits with tea.

Tea was ready in the pantry car. Everyone had tea and biscuits. But only a few people went and collected tea as they were all scared of the monkeys raiding their belongings again if everyone left and the train bogies were left unguarded. It was a lesson learned that day. The monkeys ensured that there were less people queuing up at the pantry car and thus much more descipline was displayed.

But as people started eating biscuits, the army of monkeys again came down and sat on the adjescent railway track. The monkeys started staring at the people and showing their bare teeth to scare. Some people threw some biscuits they were given at tea time to the monkeys. The monkeys would pick up the biscuits and run away a few feet, finish eating the biscuits and would come back for more biscuits. The monkeys continued eating the biscuits till the train moved.

After the tea was over, everyone was back on the train, relaxed and happy. The train once again started on its way towards its destination. But the travel was not going to last long because the army train was soon going to lose its two engine once again and get stuck in the next station. The true story was coming to another sharp bend in less than an hour.

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