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True Story - Commanding Officer Is A King In The Army

It is a true story that, in the army, the Commanding Officer is like a King. He rules his regiment. No one says a word against the orders passed by the Commanding Officer. If the Commanding Officer says it is night now and what you see in the sky is the moon, at 12 in the noon, his Officers and men will all say it is indeed midnight and will suddenly start to act accordingly as if they were really in the night, in broad daylight.

The Commanding Officer is the King in his army unit. His word is law. This is not a fiction. It is a true story. It did not happen overnight. This is required because in war, when he says move forward, everyone needs to trust him and move forward well aware that there is an enemy in front waiting to kill. But without trust in the Commanding Officer the army unit cannot win the war.

Why Is A Commanding Officer The King In The Army?

Not only that the CO of the regiment. In fact the Commanding Officer of a regiment in the army in the old times used to fight on foot. The Commanding Officer leads leads the entire unit. The Commanding Officer is always walking in the front with the soldiers in the battle field. When the unit is in a tight situation, the Commanding Officer will lead the entire unit in one single long line.

Walking in a single line means that, the very first arrow or bullet will hit the Commanding Officer who is leading the unit into the enemy fire being in the front. And, only when the Commanding Officer falls dead will the next bullet hits the Second in Command of the army unit get hit and fall dead. Thereafter, the Officers will die in their sequence of seniority.

Only when all the Officers of the army unit are dead in the battle field didl the turn of a man in a rank below Officer's rank to die used to come. Since all the Officers die before the men, the men treat all the Officers with great respect and would be ready to die if asked by their Commanding Officer. The entire army fights in a war based purely in trust on their Commanding Officer's courage and abilities. This is a true story you will always read in any war.

Thus everyone knows that each of his seniors has to be dead first before a bullet hits him. So a soldier blindly obeys and follows his senior. Thus seniority in all ranks including Officers ranks and below Officer's rank is strictly followed and the army men never forget this fact in war or peace. Thus the Commanding Officer of any Army Unit is a King.

In fact, there were so many kings and Emporers who ruled in India in the old times that the game of Chess was invented in Inda, to sharpen the tactical and strategic war fighting skills of the Kings and Emporers.

The Brigadier Is An Emperor In The Army - A True Story

If the Commanding Officer is a King in the army, then imagine what will the Brigadier be? A Brigadier is one who sits in the Core Headquarters. A Brigadier has a few regiments under him each with a Commanding Officer. So the Brigadier is commanding all the Commanding Officers who are Kings of their own army units.

That makes the Brigadier an Emporor automatically with all the Kings bowing in front of him and treating the Brigadier's words as Order. You can further imagine what is the status of an Army General who has many Brigadiers under him. The Chief of the Army staff has the entire army of the country under his Command, including all the Generals, all the Brigadiers anb all the Commanding Officer. Army is an elite service and joining the army is a dream come true.

Thus in the army the senior is always respected even if the person is just one day senior to the soldier. Each Officer and man obeys the order given by his senior without questioning. This is the universal truth in all the armies all around the world. This is the reason why a good army is where the seniority structure is correctly followed and ingrained into the minds of each and every soldier.

True Story - The Army Train Comes Alive At 7:00 PM

As per the Commanding Officer or the King's orders that afternoon when he found that there were no engines available to run his army train he allowed every man with a family to go out into the town and enjoy the evening provided they all returned back before sunset. As per the King's orders, every man and his family who went out into the small town from the army train in that railway station returned back to the train well before the sunset. There was a big reason to this.

The reason why everyone came back to their respective bogies of the army train they live in, well before 7:00 pm was because of the only fact that the Commanding Officer is The Undisputed King they knew and his words were orders. Also the other reason why everyone returned back before sunset as per the Commanding Officer's orders was because at 7:00 pm there was a muster of all men and everyone is accounted for. It is ensured that no one has gone missing from the train or has not come back to the army train.

Even otherwise the head count in the morning fallin for exercise will reveal if someone has gone missing. The entire army will go searching for the missing man or his family and the train will not move till the missing team mate is found and accounted for.

After return back to the army train and settling down, we took a bath and went to get dinner from the pantry wagon. Everyone was happy after going out to the town market. Everyone had bought some fruits and dry nuts. They all happily stood in the queue for taking dinner talking about their adventure in the town and where all they went not knowing that the true story they were writing into the history was going to change once again the next day.

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