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Aircraft Emergency Was Never Taught - A True Story

This aircraft emergency of fuel not transferring was never taught to us during our training till that day and it was happening to me in flight. I did not have the slighest idea how to handle this unique aircraft emergency which usually never happens. It is said that an aircraft fuel system is designed by many engineers and scientists.

Therefore there is not much check done on the aircraft before flight on the fuel system because the fuel system is considered to be fool proof. At least that is what I had been taught. My nearest safety instructor was two aircraft behind my aircraft about 450 kilometers behind me considering that I was flying fairly fast.

I told the instructor on the radio, "Sir, I have no fuel transfer from wing tanks. Declaring an aircraft emergency."

The instructor in the aircraft half an hour behind me replied, "Roger, Continue flying. I will contact you soon and tell you what to do."

 Five minutes went past and he did not call. My heart was skipping far too many beats as the time passed in silence on the radio. I had no idea what to do. This emergency was never discussed anytime during our training sessions till then. No one ever even mentioned that such an aircraft ever happens in real life in flight.

I Wondered What Happens After Ejecting From The Aircraft - A True Story

And since my safety instructor did not call on radio till then, I thought the instructor has forgotten about the emergency in my aircraft. I called him on radio again. And he gave the same answer to me, to continue flying.

I was a bit confused. Why is the instructor riding in the aircraft just to help trainee pilots in handling aircraft emergencies and problems, taking my aircraft emergency so casually. What if this emergency was happening in the aircraft being flown by the trainee pilot, in which the instructor was travelling as a passenger.

Would he have told that trainee pilot sitting in his aircraft to continue flying the way he told me, now that the instructor's own life is in danger? I could not understand his rude attitude towards me and my aircraft emergency. I was slightly confused, quite angry and getting a bit nervous as well. This true story was actually happening with me and I was going through it in real time at that moment.

Prayed For Miracle To Fix Aircraft Fuel Emergency - A True Story

Now my feelings were mixing up. I was scared at the thought of ejecting, I was angry at the indifference of this instructor and I had no idea what to do about fixing this aircraft fuel emergency. My aircraft had adequate fuel in the fuel tanks, especially in the two wing tanks. But I was unable to use the available fuel which I declared as an emergency even though I was not very sure as a trainee pilot if that was really considered as an aircraft emergency or not because this emergency was never taught or rehearsed ever in our training time.

All that was left for me to do was, pray to God to fix this aircraft fuel problem, so that I don't have to eject. I didn't have any previous experience of ejecting from an aircraft or of jumping from an aircraft with a parachute. First a miracle has to happen to fix my aircraft emergency.

Otherwise God has to help eject safely from my aircraft, ensure that I do not get injured whilst ejecting from the aircraft, because I have neither been trained to eject from an aircraft in flight nor have I undergone any training on ejection except that I have been told how to eject by pulling one of the two loops on the ejection seat I was strapped up.

Then God has to ensure that my parachute opens after ejection and then also ensure that I land safely on a plain ground and not on rocky terrain, thorny bushes, on top of a tree or a power line and finally after landing the parachute detaches in time and I do not get dragged by it over the rough ground and get injured. I prayed again to God to fix my no fuel transfer happening problem which was an aircraft emergency I did not know how to handle. God had a lot of job to do to ensure I live to fly another day. I wished God takes time off to look into my problem after hearing my prayers.


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