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I Sat on Million Dollar Pilot Ejection Seat - A True Story

The aircraft pilot seat I was sitting on, is a million dollar Pilot Ejection Seat. It has a parachute folded inside a packet which is attached to my body with strong straps and I was sitting on a life saving equipment pack which contains some chocolates for energy, water to drink, a knife to cut jungle bush and tree branches to move around and to hunt animals for food, a desalination or water purification kit etc., all of which can allow me to survive for 48 hours. I was  hoping that someone finds me within those 48 hours if I survive the harsh jungles over which I was going to eject from my aircraft cockpit.

The ejection seat has two loops. One ejection loop is projecting in between my thighs and the second ejection sequence initiating loop of the ejection seat is projecting horizontally over my head. Pulling any of these two ejectino loops will start the same ejection sequence. The ejection loop on the top is used only incase of high speeds because pulling that ejection loop down will also draw a screen along with that over the pilot's face to protect the face from veyr high speed super cold air at that altitudes of many degrees below the freezing point at over 450 kilometers per hour speed.

But before pulling the loop, I must jettison the cockpit canopy. If the cockpit canopy is not jettisoned, the canopy will be partially shattered by the seat during ejection to make a hole for me to go through. This is achieved by the ejection seat which has four pointed edges on top. There is also a pair of leg restrainers which will get pull the pilots legs towards the seat to prevent injury during ejection.

But the problem was that these four pointed things are placed in a rectangular fashion just about six inches apart from each other above and behind my head. And my body in sitting position is too big to go through it. Thus the jagged of the left over canopy, will  rip off all the flesh from my hands and thighs, exposing my bones as I have heard has actually happened with most other pilots in the past, who in panic forgot to jettison the canopy before pulling the ejection loop, during the ejection.

When jettissoned using a lever placed on the left hand side, the canopy holding hooks and hinges are broken by a cartridge which fires and the canopy gets blown backwards by the winds passing on top at the speed of the aircraft. Normally the jettissoned cockpit perspex canopy hits  the tail fin protruding upwards at the end of the aircraft body about seven meters behind the cockpit where I sat. There are known cases of pilots dying after their parachute did not open. I had only heard about it from my instructor about this.


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