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Miracle Escape From Aircraft Emergency  - A True Story

I was praying for a Miracle Escape from my stricken aircraft with emergency even now. I was aiming to hit the high key point at 8500 feet abeam the runway in to the wind and praying to God to keep my engine running till then. I looked inside once again at my gauges. Am I seeing it right?

A Miracle Happens - A True Story

A Miracle had happened inside my aircraft cockpit. The aircraft emergency was not existing any more. The wing tank fuel was now being transferred to main tank as was indicated by the two doll's eyes which had turned horizontal. The main tank fuel content was increasing on the fuel gauge.

Was all that panic I went through with nothing? Was all the effort my instructor put in wasted. It seemed as if I was not happy that the emergency does not exist any more, because, I can't prove after landing back at AFA that this emergency actually happened. There is no recordings of the instruments. No one is going to believe me.

The Aircraft Emergency Is Gone

I reluctantly pressed the radio button and told my instructor meekly, "Sir, both wing tanks now online. My aircraft emergency does not exist anymore." I didn't know what reply to expect.

Promptly came the reply, "Mats, if you are within one mile of your high key point, then set course 010 for AFA. Once you reach there, meet me for debrief when I land."

I replied, "Yes Sir. I will wait on the dispersal for you."

Normally, on radio, the pilot's name is never used. Only the Call Sign or the frame number of the aircraft is used. But, to avoid confusion with other trainee pilots, he was using my name. I wondered how this instructor sitting 900 kilometers away, knew that I was almost over High Key point?

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