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Aircraft Emergency Lessons Learned - A True Story

Now that there was no need to need to eject, I was relieved and completely relaxed. I flew the remaining part of the sortie to my home base and about half an hour later I landed at the Air Force Academy runway. That was one of the smoothest landings of my life. I landed as a much more experienced from my incident which happened in the sky. I was a mature pilot walking back into the faculty from my aircraft.

I always thought an aircraft of metal and plastic has no life in it. But this aircraft was very much alive and had taught me a lot many things. I learned to treat an aircraft with respect that day.

Kiran Aircraft

Because most of these HJT-16, Kiran aircraft you see above, the same aircraft which I was flying without fuel transfer happening and putting me into trouble for about half an hour of my life, has flown more number of hours in the skies, than any pilot may have flown a Kiran aircraft in his entire life. This is a real life story. It had actually happened. I have written it exactly as this true incident unveiled in my solo flight as a trainee pilot with just fifty hours of flying experience in about three months of joining my flight training.

A True Life Story

Before I had commenced my flyng training at Air Force Academy, I only knew how to ride a cycle, not even a motor cycle or a car. After my flying training for one year on Kiran or HJT-16 fixed wing aircraft I received my flying wing. Then I did my conversion on to helicopters. And One year later, that is two full years after I had started flying aeroplanes and helicopters, I bought my own motor cycle and learned how to drive it on the road on my own. Believe it or not, this is also a True Story of my life.

A True Life Story


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