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I Found A Runway To Land My Aircraft With Emergency - A True Story

Then once again my instructor called on radio and said, "Do you see the runaway next to the city?"

I replied, "Yes Sir".

My instructor said, "Good. Feed her into a Forced landing pattern hitting High Key point on the north of runway. And if your engine fails, before you reach the high key point abeam the runway, take correct posture and eject. I will be landing there fifteen minutes after you land. Wait on me. I have already contacted the Air Traffic Control. All the Best".

I replied, "Thank you Sir".

The High Key point in the jet aircraft I was flying that day, was a point at 8500 feet above and in line with the landing or touch down point of the aircraft on the runway. If the aircraft is at high key point, then the pilot can easily glide the aircraft with a failed or switched off engine and make a perfectly safe landing. I was relieved that I have found a runway to land my aircraft with fuel emergency and I was even more relieved that I do not have to eject from the aircraft cockpit.

I felt completely embarrassed that I did not see the runway till my instructor called. But I was happy that I had been planning a force landing in my head. I did not plan a diversion before my instructor said about it. Instead my inexperienced mind was going over ejection procedure which is the last option when all other efforts to handle an emergency actions have been taken. Yet I was hoping for a miracle to keep my engine running till I make a safe landing on this runway.

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