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The Aircraft Pilot Ejection Seat Firing Sequence - A True Story

I realised that there is nothing much I need to prepare for the ejection seat firing sequence because the ejection seat firing sequence is preset. I just required to prepare myself mentaly and become strong shedding my fears of the unknown. I told myself, once my seat is clear of the aircraft, there is a completely different world outside the cockpit into which I will be propelled by the ejection seat firing cylinders.

The pilot and the seat will start tumbling in air uncontrolled. Immediately, a small cartridge fires and a three feet diameter parachute is released which stabilises the seat and stops it from tumbling around. Then another cartridge fires and detaches the pilot from the hundred kilogram seat which free falls to the ground. Simultaneously, after the stipulated time lapse of firing of the ejection seat sequence, the three feet diameter parachute pulls out a twenty seven feet diameter large parachute which deploys and brings the pilot down safely, even if the pilot is unconscious.

Often pilots do get injured after landing when they fail to press the quick release buckle, to detach the parachute and the parachute drags the pilot on rocky or thorny or uneven ground for considerable distance, due to heavy winds. This could be either the pilot is completely gripped with fear or he is injured already during the ejection from the cockpit or the pilot is unconcious due to injury, fear or exposure to severe cold in high altitudes.

This true life story was unfolding in my real life that day. I was not going to give up. I was going over the ejection procedure over my mind based on these inputs which we were taught at AFA by flying instructors. I had decided to pull the ejection loop hanging over my head after another ten minutes considering that I am scared of height, if the wing tanks fail to start transferring fuel to the main tanks.

Although my mind had decided that I have to eject and I will eject, my hands were reluctant even to touch the ejection initiating loops out of fear that it will suddenly eject. I had a tough time trying to synchronise my body to what my mind wanted me to do. But I was still awaiting a reply from my flying instructor who is supposed to be helping me and he had been silent. And his silence has been over 10 minutes long. I was expecting his call before I pull the ejection seat loop.

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