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I Planned To Force Land My Aircraft On A Runway- A True Story

I took the correct posture for ejecting from the aircraft. I placed my left hand on the top ejection loop continuing to fly the aircraft with my right hand on the joy stick. I had few more minutes to decide. I looked down and saw a large river with a bridge and a big city beyond the river bridge around three miles to my left.

I still had two minutes to wait before ejecting before I expected my fuel in the main service tank to run out and my aircraft engine to fail. But I was ready to eject from that aircraft with emergency. I had overcome all my fears. Secondly, I knew fear and panic are the enemies of survival. I  had to get out alive and land on ground using the parachute. I could not give up life so easy.

That is when my radio crackled. My instructor's confident voice said, "Mathews, according to my calculations, you should now be over a bridge across a large river with a city after the river".

I replied, "Yes Sir. The bridge is three miles to my left." Promptly he said, "Turn left to hit the southern end of the bridge". I said, "Roger Sir" and turned left.

That is when I saw a fairly long runway slightly to the right of my aircraft on the northern side of the city ahead. And that is when I realised that in the past half an hour I had stopped navigating and was completely engrossed in my thoughts, fears and apprehensions. But I was the happiest man on earth at that moment. I was finally going to land this aircraft with emergency.

I Expected My Aircraft Engine To Fail Before Landing On Runway - A True Story

I may have an engine failure before I touchdown the aircraft on the runway. But now I was confident that even if the engine fails I can land my aircraft on the runway. I have practiced force landing on runway so many times. Of course, every time I had my engine in idle and could push the throttle forward any time and make another approach.

But today, things were different. I may not be able to make another landing. I have to land my aircraft in the first go because there is hardly any usable fuel left in the aircraft fuel tanks. That means the engine may fail before I am safely on the runway. Even if the engine does not fail, I may not be able to go around and make another approach for landing because the engine may fail during that attempt and I will have to eject from the aircraft cockpit which is what I was scared to do and had been wasting my time thinking about.

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