The Job Interview (A True Story)

A True Life Story Book (Job Interview) Free_Preview_Ebook The Job Interview is a true story of this young man who got a call letter for his first ever job interview. He went and appeared for the job interview, only to feel dejected at what happened. He did not know that his honesty has actually paid off. He was surprised when he got a call letter for the final interview for the same job a month later in a different place.

This young man was born and brought up near villages where no multi story buildings existed beyond first floor. For the final interview, he travels in a train for the first time. But his dad had the habit of giving him the exact amount of money which was required to go and come back home with not a penny to spare. He reaches the capital city and was seeing multi-story buildings for the first time in his life.

His interview was to be held in one such multi-story expensive hotel. What happens at that hotel is completely hilarious. The Job Interview is an amazing story written in simple english and can be enjoyed by young and old of all ages Free_Preview_Ebook on if you intend to buy a hard cover paperback.

This book is worth your home, office and even a school library. You could read the storybook ten times and yet love to read it an eleventh time. Such is the quality of narration. Otherwise you can  Continue_Reading and enjoy a shorter version of this true life story called a job interview on this website absolutely free.

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