The Ghost (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (The Ghost) Free_Download_Ebook  The Ghost is a true life story of a real ghost that  lived in an officer's cabin for decades. Many officers who stayed in that cabin have reported un-natural happenenings in the cabin. And so the authorities kept the cabin locked up for a long time. But due to space constraint the cabin was alotted to two young officers who had arrived for undergoing a training.

They did not know the history of this cabin and that this cabin had been kept locked up for over a decade as people refused to stay in it. One day they came face to face with the ghost in that cabin in broad daylight and one out of the two officers was so terrified that he started shaking and could not even speak what out he was seeing.

This is certainly a ghost story, but reading it is a pleasure as the author has written the story very tactfully, introducing one event after the other giving time for the reader to get adapted to what is coming next. You can Free_Download_Ebook named "A True Life Story Book 1" in pdf format readable on any device.

The book contains many true stories including this true life Ghost story, or you can  Continue_Reading this story on this website.

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