The Army Train (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (Army Express Train) Preview_Book_Free  The Army Express is a true life story. This story starts with a boy reaching a remote village in India, without even a bus station, deep inside the jungle full of wild animals, especially elephants. But there was a railway station there. The story changes course when his father who was in the army announces that his entire unit has to board a single train and shift to another place just 300 kilometers away.

The army unit boards the train with all the men along with their belongings, ladies, children, the army vehicles and offices. The train is unusually long. The whole journey takes over 11 days to complete. The reason of the train taking so long is nothing but hilarious events which keep happening one after the other. The army and the railways did not get along well and that caused each one trying to delay the train for one reason or the other.

But in this entire true story, the only thing that never changed was the army life, which went on normally as if this army unit was in their own base camp and not in a moving train. The strict army routines turned a short 6 hour journey into a 11 days long voyage. Often, it was the wives of the officers, who would stop the train for unusual reasons where ever and whenever they felt like.

Overall a great Indian journey true story book worth any school or home and office library. You can  Preview_Book_Free on before you buy. Even if you have never been to India, this true story book will take you across India in a short time you would take to read the book. The book is worth reading any number of times you want.

Alternately, you can  Continue_Reading a shorter version of this true story for Free on this website.

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