The Passenger Train (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (The Passenger Train)

Preview_Book_Free The Passenger Train is a True Life Story about a professional naval pilot who got bored of his routine life in a remote base far away from the town. To beat his boredom he would embark upon new ideas. Once his idea was flying his helicopter under a bridge. A few days later he would wander around in the neighbourhood till the sea shore talking to everyone he meets till the night falls. Each idea bores him in two or three days and he finds a new one.

Finally, he found a more thrilling way out. He started boarding a steam engine passenger train which used to stop once everyday near the house he was staying.. He started boarding a different passenger bogie everyday and talk to people. He was bored in three days. He found an even better way out of his boredom. He just climbed into the steam engine of the train to befriend the driver of a steam engine passenger train.

He kept doing this despite all opposition from the loco pilot. His aim was to drive that steam engine train at least once between any two stations from start to stop. The events that followed are truely heart touching. Do you think this naval pilot succeeded in driving a train all by himself? Preview_Book_Free on if you intend to buy the Book.

This amazing true life story book that depicts how two human beings can touch each other's heart and develop a relationship in a short time, without becoming aware of it till years later. The book is worth reading many times over and can adorn any home library or school library. You may also Continue_Reading a short version of this true story on this website.

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