Helicopter Lost At Sea (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (Lost At Sea)

Preview_Book_Free  Lost at Sea is a short true story book written by a helicopter pilot. This is a real story of a helicopter pilot who got lost in his helicopter after he took off from a ship at sea in a pitch dark and rainy night. The nearest land was about 700 hundred miles away and he could not find his own ship from where he had taken off. Initially, the pilot and his crew do not realise that they were heading for trouble in a few minutes.

They wait for the ship circling in the position over water they were supposed to be. Then their power supply fails. The standby battery of the helicopter would last about 30 minutes. But, the ship was nowhere in sight. Then the helicopter was left with just ten minutes fuel remaining in its tanks before both engines of this helicopter would fail leading to a crash into the sea in a pitch dark night.

The rescue will come only by day break even if they survive the crash. Did he survive the ordeal or crash into the sea?  Preview_Book_Free on Amazon.com if you want to buy this true life story book which will be a great addition to your home, office or school library collection. Read this gripping short storybook that keeps you on the edge throughout from first page till the end of the book.

Else, you may continue to Continue_Reading a shorter version of this true life story on this website for free.

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