Missing BrideGroom (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (The Missing BrideGroom)

Free_Preview_Book  The Missing BrideGroom is the true story of a young man who was going to get married the next morning at 10:00 am. He was in the armed forces posted in a remote island, very far away from home. It takes two hours by flight to reach the nearest airport in the main land and from there he has to travel another 700 kilometers by train to reach home.

Those days there were no mobile phones. Postal letters were the only mode of communication, which used to take one week to reach one way. He came to board his aircraft and found that he was still a wait listed passenger. There was nothing he could do to board the flight. As he stood watching, the flight took off leaving him stranded on an island over 2000 kilometers away from home deep in the sea.

Without a phone, there was no way to inform his parents about what had just happened. Only a miracle could take him home in under 24 hours. But this young man was not ready to give up yet. This is a true life story of a young man battling the odds against him. Could he finally reach home and get married?  Free_Preview_Book called the Missing BrideGroom on Amazon.com, if you want to buy this amazing and motivating true life storybook worth retaining in your home, office or school library.

It is a great book written in a unique style of writing which you can read again and again. Every time you read this book, you admire this young man. You can also Continue_Reading a shorter version of this true life story on this website.

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