Heart Attack (True Story)

A True Life Story Book (Heart Attack) Preview_Book_Free  He was going through a massive heart attack early in the morning. But he did not know that the discomfort he was having was actually a heart attack. For the next 10 hours he was fighting for his life. He was saved by two different Cardiologists in two hospitals far from each other. Both these cardiologists could never believe that with a major artery blocked almost completely, how did this man survive over ten hours alive.

This is a true life story of why this man survived a heart attack purely on the power of his mind. How he could keep himself and everyone around entertained till they saved his life. This book is an eye opener and learning experience for everyone who is over weight, has high blood pressure or heart disease. It a case study for all doctors, not only cardiologists. Preview_Book_Free on Amazon before you buy the book.

The author has recounted every moment of his fight to live, in minutest details of his cardiac arrest from the beginning till the end. This true life story is highly educational and motivational. It is a must read, for everyone. Continue_Reading a shorter version of this true story absolutely free on this website.

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