True Story Of A School Bus Girl Stopping A Train

This is a true story narrated exactly it happened many decades ago in mid-70's. A small girl in a school bus, one day stopped a steam engine passenger train standing on the railway track. It was a big event. So many people came to her help. Everyone sympthasised with her.

I was just eleven years old and I was studying in Class Six in an English medium school called Deshmesh Public School, in a place ni northern India called Faridkot, in the state of Punjab. The school exists even today and has developed way beyond imagination. Alongside my school I could also see a dental college that has come under the same management as I can see in the google map. But the old school building where I studied still remains the same without any renovation.

My father was serving in the army those days and was posted in Faridkot Cantonment. We used to go to school in an army vehicle which is known in the Army as a Shaktiman. This army truck only had a driver's cabin and an open trailer behind. The trailer section was covered with a tarpaulin sheet to protect us from the sun. The front and the rear part was completely open.

There were two rows of benches which were bolted to the floor of the army truck. The season those days was hot and the wind would blow at some 54 degree centegrade through the traile of the truck as it moved through the roads. From the army cantonment we go via the old King's small unpaved airport and hangar, followed by a jail on an empty four kilometer road followed by the King's palace, a cattle market, vegetable market, railway station, railway crossing followed by our school and the Rajastan feeder water canal a few hundred meters beyond our school.

Each of these entities had a true story of their own as you will be experiencing as you read this true story of this small school bus girl stopping a long steam engine driven passenger train standing on its tracks just short of the railway station.

On our way back our school bus would take another route which is through the Faridkot town which was nothing but the Faridkot King's fort. The fort was very tall and unpenetrable. But there were lot of narrow lanes which had now become tarred roads. It was difficult for the Shaktiman army truck to go through. But the route through the fort was lovely as the vegetable market was spread all through the lanes inside the fort.

The city has now expanded way beyond the fort. But the nostalgia of remembering this small school bus girl who stopped the train is still unbelievable. She did not stop the train. But she was the reason for stopping this steam engine passenger train. This true story is also a testimony of the bravery of the conductor and the driver of this school bus in which this cute little school girl used to travel.

A True Life Story


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