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A True Life Story Of A New Leader And A Hero

Hero Leader - A true life story

This a True Life Story about how we had a new hero and leader born due to a small incident which required a lot of guts to achieve. This true life story happened sometime back in the year 1986, when we were in the Academy at Goa, India and were just about to go to Kochi for another training course.

We were never allowed to go out of the academy gates because we had not passed the drill test and swimming test. The academy was situated on top of a hill in Goa. We never knew what Goa looked like because we were living inside the high walls with barbed wires on top of the walls of the academy which gave us no view of what lay beyond those walls.

The only glimpse of the outside world we got was during the Sunday marathon run, which we had no choice to skip, along the eight and a half kilometer unpaved hillside road snaking around the academy. The local people in Goa are mostly Christians. So there are so many churches in Goa that you will see at least two churches every kilometer.

And the people going to church was the only humans in civil clothes we used to see from the time we joined the academy. We were all desperate to go out into the towns of Goa. Even a gruelling Marathon was OK with us because we get the freedom for an hour to run around outside the academy gates and walls. Finally the marathon brings us back to the academy because there are sailors in white uniform posted every hundred yards to ensure that none of us date to escape into the town and ensure that each and everyone reach back to the academy. The Marathon on Sunday was going to develop into a true story.

We did not know how many true stories had happened inside the academy walls. But this true story on a Sunday when we were not going to run the Marathon but were going to the town outside right in front of the rest of the academy cadets who started running the Marathon was what made this true life story so exciting. A new leader and a new hero emerged at the end of this true story on a single day.

A True Life Story


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