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True Story EBook (Free)

247 Pages

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True Life Stories

A collection of true stories from real life. Goto True_Life_Story_List and start reading some exhilerating, suspense filled live incidents woven into a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to the end.

Free_Download True_Life_Story Ebook (Worth_$10) This Ebook has 247 Pages and is absolutely Free to Download and share it freely. Each story in this Free eBook is based on a real life incident. In most stories you will even find the year of the actual incident mentioned in the beginning of each story.

I would also request you to visit my Amazon.com_Author_Page where I publish my short story books. My books are inspired and based on true stories from real incidents from life. If you like my books and buy them, it will help me to maintain this website.

The aim of writing these stories including a Children's_StoryBook is to give my readers an immersive reading experience going through the pain and pleasures I and my Storybook Characters experienced during these incidents from life.

I have tried to keep each story as short as possible without missing any details. Go to the True_Stories list and experience life through my stories. The true stories on this website are absolutely Free.