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A True Life Story Book

All the stories on this website had happened in my real life. You can say this is my Autobiography of sorts. But I am narrating only the real hilarious, dangerous and enjoyable true incidents in my life in a story form written in my unique style. If you like my stories, please BookMark this site pressing Ctrl+D keys or clicking on the Star on your browser. Please share my stories Free with everyone. I will be adding one true life story every Week.


Chapter 13:     A Train Bogie Full Of Headless Bodies -  A True Life Story

Read how I missed being killed in a Railway Train Bogie. Had I boarded that front unreserved train bogie on that day, I would have been dead along with all the other passengers in that train bogie. This is a real life incident which happened when I was still doing my graduation way back in 1984.

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Chaper 12:     The Death Bus  -  A True Life Story

This true life story is based on how I escaped death by just five minutes when a bus conductor threw me out of his bus for not taking a ticket to my destination. About five minutes later, the entire men in that death bus were beheaded ruthlessly. I used to work in the state of Punjab in India way back in 1985 as a Medical Representative when this true life incident happened.

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Chapter 11:    The Medical Representative - A True Life Story

This is a true life story that happened when I was working as a Medical Representative way back in 1985 in Punjab state in India. I had gone with a friend to a place to work and on our return back home, I never knew there was death waiting in that bus to happen and I was going to be dead in about half an hour. But God came to my rescue. Read this true life story of how I missed death by just 30 minutes thanks to my friend.

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Chapter 10:    The Midshipman Stripes - A True Life Story

This is a true life story of how I manufactured My Own Midshipman Stripes in about four hours which was not available in the market within 500 km of the place we were posted and proudly wore it in the next few hours for the next six months till I was promoted to a Sub Lieutenant in the Navy. This true life story is revolves around the process of my manufacturing the Midshipman stripe at night. I was envied throughout the six month course, by my coursemates whilst we were doing our advanced phase of training in the Air Force Station at Bidar for this one act.

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Chapter 9:    The Barber - A True Life Story

This is a True Life Story which happened the moment I arrived at the Academy for training in the Navy. In the Navy we are not allowed to keep hair more than a centimeter in length and beard or mustache is just not allowed. I had just joined the academy and was forced to take a haircut before I would even ask for a glass of water. This true life story is about the moment of truth when one sees himself transformed physically in less than one minute and against his will.

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Chapter 8:    The Army Train - A True Life Story

This is a True Story of my Life in the Army when I was with my father who was in the Army. The army life was on full display whilst my father's Army Regiment moved on a train from a place called Raiwala those days in Uttar Pradesh to a place called Bhatinda in the state of Punjab which was just 360 km, but took the army over 11 days in a train loaded with their entire fleet of vehicles, men and officers along with all their families, on a single train creating a big headache for the railways. Although, it sounds like a fairy tale, this is a true life story.

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Chapter 7:    My Dad's Name Plate - A True Life Story

This is a true life story of  my dad's name plate. My dad has been waking up in the morning at 3 am for the past three decades or more, just to be with his name plate which he loves. For more than 30 long years after retirement, my dad's name plate shines as good or better than 30 years back. The true life story that leads to this name plate event is really enjoyable, if you have a few minutes to read it.

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Chapter 6:    The Hotel Lift - A True Life Story

This is a true life story which happened in a hotel named Janpath in New Delhi way back in the year 1985 when I had gone to attend a job interview. I landed the job without any interview. But the lift in that hotel gave a scare of a life time. I almost missed getting a job due to the lift in this big hotel. This is a true life story you may not believe could happen, but actually happened with me who had just come from a village life and never knew what is a Lift.

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Chapter 5:    The Job Interview - A True Life Story

This is a true life story about my first ever job interview. I went fully prepared. But it was not all that preparations I did towards the interview which landed me this job, but something else in me, which the interviewer found in me that landed me that job. Without asking me a single question in the interview, the company gave me that job. Read this true life story.

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Chapter 4:    The Swing - A True Life Story

This my first True Life Story which happened when I had just turned three years of age. As a toddler, I used to love the swing a lot. I used to swing in the nearby park every day watching the setting Sun. I could take the swing almost horizontal to the ground trying to see the setting sun. Then this big giant came and all the hell broke loose. I ended up with a scar which has lasted on my forehead for over 50 years and will stay till I am alive. Enjoy this true life story.

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Chapter 3:    Via Bangalore - A True Life Story

This is a True Life Story based on my train journey from the Academy at Goa to Aviation Course at Cochin where in we had a four hour halt at Bangalore. One of my course mate travelling with me over the past few months at the Academy had been telling us about his parents, his house, his fleet of cars and his two or three dozen girlfriends at his home in Bangalore. So we had told him that we will visit his palatial house and meet his parents and sister because there is a four hour gat between our connecting trains. The true life incident happened over three decades ago, but is so hilarious that I had to write it as a story.

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Chapter 2:    A Ghost in My Cabin - A True Life Story

This is a true life story that happened when we had just shifted to Kochi in Kerala, India where we were allotted a cabin no 129 where we had a short encounter with Ghost of a man who had died a couple of decades ago. I never thought ghosts exists. But that day I also saw the doings of a ghost and finally we found the ghost in full daylight. If you love gripping real ghost stories then this true life story is the one for you, don't miss it.

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Chapter 1:    Lost at Sea - A True Life Story

I am a helicopter pilot. Mostly my flying in helicopter has been over the Sea both by day and night. We take off and land on the helicopter deck on the rear side of the naval ship we sailed on. When everyone else on the ship was asleep, I take off in my helicopter risking my life often to search for submarines lurking underwater and other enemy ships trying to enter the Indian waters. This is a true life incident which happened towards the end of my three decade long aviation career in the Navy. How I survived being lost at sea in my helicopter in a moonless dark night, is a scary true life story that sends chill through me even today, when I recount this true life story to my friends.

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I started this website  to put up a collection of True Life Stories from my own life online. Each True Life Story was written by me based on my memory of those real life incidents in my spare time. I re-experienced those incidents many times again, as I wrote and edited them here. Each story took me about three days to write and edit many times, as my memory kept clearing up and to ensure that the true life stories I am writing are enjoyable to myself first before my readers. Only when I am myself satisfied with a true life story, do I put it here on my website. I will be publishing at least one story a week. So please bookmark (Ctrl+D) my website and return to read my new true life stories and experience my happy, sad, dangerous as well as the hilarious moments in my life, through my true life stories. The most recent stories are given on this page. You can say this is sort of Autobiography. But the stories are not arranged in any order. I just write the story whenever I remember one and put it up here for people like you who like to read a real life story. I will be putting at least one real life story once a week. So do return back to my website every Sunday or when ever you get time.



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