The Hotel Lift - A True Life Story

The Lift in Hotel

This true life story about The Hotel Lift in which I got stuck for half an hour doing things to make the lift move.  This is a true life story in my life that happened many decades ago which makes me feel I was so stupid that time. But being from a village background, it was bound to happen. I hated it when it was hapening to me, but people laugh their guts out everytime I narrate this true life story.

But, I recommend that you read my true lift story about my first ever job interview I attended which is atrue life story named The Job Interview after which I came to New Delhi Hotel where all this stupidities happened, before you continue to read this true life story called The Hotel Lift because this Hotel Lift True Story is a continuation or part two of that true life story about my first ever Job Interview.

It was 5 am and still dark, as I alighted at the New Delhi railway station, for my interview at Janpath Hotel. The moment I got out of the train wearing my pants shirt and neck tie, many taxi drivers started asking me where to go. How was I going to convince them that I have just enough money with me to have one meal and buy a return train ticket back to home.

Working From Home Option Did Not Exist

It is not that we were poor. But my father believed in putting my abilities to survive in the wild all by myself. But he did not want me to starve. So gave me money to have one meal and take a train back home after the interview. Even today, it is difficult to get a job.

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In my young days in the eighties, these facilities were not available. With a lot of difficulty I got rid of taxi drivers at the India's Capital city New Delhi railway station. New Delhi was actually a union territory at the time this true life story was unfolding with me as the hero.

Travelling In New Delhi In A Cycle Rickshaw - A True Life Story

But in 1992, New Delhi became a state with its own government which has all the powers except, the power of law and order which still is held by the central government of India because New Delhi continues to be the Capital of India. Once I got rid of the taxi drivers, I walked out of the railway statoin and took a cycle rickshaw till the hotel gate.

A cycle rickshaw is nothing but a tri-cycle a man pedals like a bicycle and has a small sofa behind enough for two normal people to sit comfortably and see the view during the ride, with a retractable canopy.

It needs no fuel except one man to steer and power it. A cycle rickshaw is much faster in New Delhi than all other modes of transport because its driver takes you in between all vehicles and even through the footpath. And it costs very little.

Now the cycle rickshaws have been replaced by auto rickshaws all over India except in a few places where you still find them. But in New Delhi, auto rickshaws are banned. Only taxi is available. A poor guy like me ending up today in a railway station may have to take a cab or use a bus, metro etc.

The cycle rickshaw dropped me at the gate of the big hotel named Janpath on Janpath road. I had never seen anything bigger than a four story building in my life and here I was standing mesmerized below the 17 storey fully lit up Janpath Hotel almost looking vertically up, to see the top floor which looked as if it was touching the sky and scared if something will fall on me from its terrace.

I started walking in through the big gates of the hotel and realised, that it is still dark at 4:30 am. I was just thinking if the hotel will let me in five hours before the time. Where will sit. One has to buy a railway station platform ticket to enter railway station even if you are not boarding a train. Will I have to buy a Hotel ticket to just enter the hotel? I had no spare money with me.

I Changed Dress In A Traffic Circle Enroute To A Hotel - A True Life Story

My interview is only at 9 am. I have no money to buy a hotel ticket and so I turned back and walked to the huge traffic circle a hundred yards away where I had seen a gardener watering the plants in the circle whilst coming in the cycle rickshaw. I asked him if I could use his water hose and almost ended up taking a bath, trying to drink a little water in the dim glow of the incadescent bulb of the street light.    

It started becoming dawn and people were doing their morning walk. My shirt and pants were fully drenched in water. I need to change my wet shirt which is clinging to my body. I opened my box and took out my dark green shirt which I was wearing when I travelled in the train the last night. I had no choice but to change because it was too cold in New Delhi that morning and I was shivering a few minutes after getting wet. How do I change in public.

That is when I saw a small opening inside the thorny bougan villa shrub in the center of the traffic circle garden. So for privacy, I went into that small opening inside the huge thorny bouganvilla plant in the center of the circle to change into the green shirt.

The boot polish and brush is something my father insists I must carry on any trip. So, I quickly took out my boot brush and got my shoes wiped and polished. Then, I sat on the bench trying to ask and answer some interview questions to myself. I was at the traffic circle garden for about three hours.

The Reception Lady Says Take The Hotel Lift - A True Life Story

It was 7:30 am and I picked up my briefcase and walked towards the Janpath Hotel. It was still too early for a 9 am interview. I entered thehotel lobby cautiously as it was a first time experience for me. I saw a board which said my interview is in room no 1206.

At the long reception counter, stood six women all wearing the same sarees. I wondered if they were all sisters. I mustered enough courage, went up to one of the sisters and asked, "How to go to room no 1206?" She answered, "Sir, Please take the Lift".

I didn't quite understand what ‘take the lift’ means and I was too shy to ask her again. So I went and sat on the sofa in the lobby and kept thinking about it. Then I remembered a Hindi movie named Yarana, which I had seen a few years back.

In the movie the Indian actor Mr Amitabh Bachhan did a comedy scene and we had laughed our guts out watching it although, I really never understood what a lift is and how it works as I sat there brooding over how to reach room no 1206.

In tha movie a double door in the wall opens, some people go in and in a few seconds they are transformed into some other people and come out when the double doors open again. After half an hour, I asked another lady at the counter about the way to 1206. She too gave the same answer adding that the room is on the 12th floor. I went back to the sofa and sat there trying to figure out what to do.

The Hotel Lift Changed People's Gender - A True Life Story

That is when I noticed some people going and standing next to the wall and like a miracle a double door opens. I saw these people go into it and come out as different people after some time, exactly I had seen in the movie.

Now I was very sure, what I saw in that move is real. This room changes people to someone else. Sometimes men went in and became women too. And there were about six such openings with double doors on that wall, each one doing the same magic.

Then I saw a sweeper come and stand next to that steel wall. The double doors opened, but no one came out. The sweeper was so scared of entering that room to clean it, that he stood with just one leg inside the room keeping the rest of his body outside, cleaned the magic room quickly and took his leg out just before the double doors closed and his leg got stuck in it.

I was so relieved to see the sweeper escape without injuries. That is when I realized that I have already spent almost an hour watching the magic unfold with my eyes wide open. During this time I did not even notice that the ladies at the counter have changed and six new ladies have taken their place. Amazingly, these six also wore the same sarees.

I wondered how many siblings are there finally. I went up to one of the sisters and asked again how to go to room no 1206 and once again got the same reply, "Take the Lift please". So I asked where this lift is and she pointed towards the magic rooms with double doors in the wall.

Now I was a bit scared of the time running out on me as I walked and stood near the wall. After a long time which looked like eternity, the double doors opened, not the one I was standing at, but the last other end of the wall and a few people came out.

I ran towards it, but before I reached it. I looked around. Did somene see me? The six girls at the counter were busy doing something. I shrugged off my embarassment as I desperately hoped that no one had seen me.

I Got Stuck Inside The Hotel Lift  - A True Life Story

I didn't understand why these doors opens when anyone else stands in front of it including a sweeper, but won't open when I stand there. I tried standing in front of each of the six doors one by one for over one minute each on my dad's wrist watch I was wearing.

None opened despite seeing me standing in front of it probably because my dark green shirt on a pair of brouwn pants were not matching. Then, the miracle happened and the double door right in front of me, opened and two people came out.

I behaved normally as they walked past me and before the double doors could close on my face, I jumped into the magic room. The double doors closed and I was scared how the magic room will conver my sex, will it be painful, can it revert me back to a boy, else will my parents accept me etc etc went through my mind as I waited inside this smal room.

After being inside for 10 minutes, I started sweating. Then suddenly the doors opened and I jumped out pushing two people who tried to come inside and an old couple who were waiting outside for entering the lift. I wanted to run far away from the hotel lift.

The Hotel Lift Landed Me Back On Ground Floor - A True Life Story

I felt very happy to be outside that steel room. But where is 1206? This place looked exactly the same and the sofas and even the six sisters were there too. I thought there is a similar setup on all the floors. So I went and asked where is room number 1206 to one of the girls. Her reply was same as the previous floor sisters, "Take the Lift".

After a few minutes the double doors nearby opened for a couple who were standing there. Immediately I ran and entered it with them before any of the ladies  find out that I am still there. And I had just about ten minutes to reach 1206 for the interview.

This time it went up, the couple disembarked when it stopped at some floor. Now I have learned that one has to mentally concentrate on the room number one has to go to and it takes you there. After they left and the doors closed, I concentrated on 1206 in my mind with my eyes closed, but the lift did not move. I didn’t give up.

I Learned To Move The Hotel Lift Using My Mind Power - A True Life Story

I tried concentrating hard once again. Voila, I managed to move the lift after concentrating with full concentration, on floor number twelve for more than two more minutes. It was not so difficult after all. The lift stopped after a few seconds and I came out on to a deserted, carpetted corridor. I asked a waiter passing by, “where is room number 1206.

I have an interview there”. He said, "Sir, it is 4 floors down. Take the lift please". I did not want him to know that I know what a lift is but I don't know how to use the lift, so started walking away in another direction. But by then the waiter called me from behind indicating an open lift.

I Was Forced To Enter The Hotel Lift - A True Life Story

I had no choice but to enter the lift. I was alone inside the lift once again. Again, I concentrated and focused to the best of my ability and managed to move the lift, this time in the correct direction which was downwards and that too within about 30 seconds.

I was happy at my improvement. When the double doors opened, I came out to see the sofas and ladies again. I recognised one of them. Oh no, I was back where I had started. Time now was about 8:55 am and I had just five minutes to reach 1206 for my interview else all the effort of coming all the way to New Delhi would be a waste.

I shook off all my embarrassment and asked the nearest lady, "Where is room no 1206?" She said, "On 12th floor Sir. Please take the lift." I actually wanted to slap her. I asked curtly, "Is there a stair anywhere?” She said, "Sir, turn at that corner and walk straight".

Faster Than The Hotel Lift - I Climbed 12 Floors in 75 Seconds  - A True Life Story

I found the stair and ran up 12 floors, where another waiter guided me to the door of room no 1206. I waited a minute to get my breath back, knocked the door and entered room no 1206, where the same Safari Suited man who had conducted my preliminary interview two months back at Mohali in Chandigarh, sat on a luxury chair with some more people around him.

He showed no indication that he has recognised me. I was here for interview with a folder full of my three certificates namely Class X, Class XII and my BSc Degree in my hand and mentally prepared to answer any question thrown at me, controlling my lungs from exploding and heart from beating out of control after climbing the 12 floors in just about 75 seconds flat.

I Have Landed My First Job - A True Life Story

Instead of asking me anything, the Safari suit guy handed over an envelope to me and said, "When can you start." I said "Right now. I have come for interview only". He said smiling, "I meant when can you join us".

I was not sure I heard it right. I stood there emotionless for a few seconds and said, "I don't know anything about this work", to which the gentleman replied, "Don't worry, we will train you". I could hardly believe what I heard that moment. I had just bagged a job. It was not a dream. Yet my dream was becoming true. This is a true life story.

I Learned How To Make The Hotel Lift  Move Downwards - A True Life Story

As I came out of the room, my happiness on landing a job flew off and fear of facing the lift once again, gripped me. As I walked towards the lift, I saw an old couple probably vacating the hotel, walking slowly towards the lift with a waiter carting their luggage ahead of them. I saw him press something and the double door opened.

I was curious and continued to watch him after we entered the lift. He pressed a numeral zero on a panel with a lot of numerals in two rows and the lift started moving down. Great, now I have at least learned how to get the lift moving downwards. I kept looking at the waiter's hands, because now I wanted to learn how to stop the lift before it crashes on reaching the ground floor.

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