A True Life Story.

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A True Life Story Book

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This Free True Life Story PDF format eBook contains over Two Hundred Pages with more than Sixty Thousand Words covering true stories from my life which you will experience as you read through them exactly as I experienced it decades back. I am a Pilot by profession who was born in India, the great country with rich heritage known throughout the world. I have travelled all over the country of India with my father who was in the Army. Before he retired, I joined the Navy and became a pilot. I am the central character in most of my stories. But a few true stories are centered around my friends and even some of my family members. Some stories may even revolve around strangers who came and left an everlasting impression in my memory. I have given nick names to many real characters in this True Story Book. Every short story was a real life incident which was experienced by me in person which I have tried to depict it as they happened, as humourously and as seriously, in my own writing style for you to experience the joy, the pain, the fear and the pleasure I experienced whilst going through those real incidents. This True Life Story Book in PDF format is absolutely free to Download My "A True Life Story Book". You may share and distribute this eBook in anywhere online without any modification and without any remuneration. Hard Copy is not to be printed or distributed. Why is my Book free? Because I want my life to be known to as many people in the world as possible.

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I am Pilot by Profession, but a Writer by Passion. A list of all my True Stories are given on the sidebar. If you are using a smart phone then just scroll down to see the list. Otherwise just click on the SiteMap link on top of the page. This website www.atruelifestory.com has dozens of true stories from my own real life which you won't find anywhere in the world or online. I update this website with one true life story every week with one or more True Stories. The PDF format E-Book Contains all the stories on this website and is also Updated whenever a new story is published on this site. Each true life story is based on one or may be more than one true life incidents which really happened in my life. If you want to read my stories later, then Free Download My True Life Story eBook containing all my true life stories in PDF format. I have written each story with a lot of care and in my unique writing style. If you love a story page or a chapter in this website, then please do me a favor by sending my True Life Story eBook to your friends and relatives through Emails, Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp etc.

A True Life Story