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A True Life Story Book

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A True Life Story Book

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A True Life Story Book written by a Professional Naval Pilot. A Rare Book and A Collector's item.

Experience the Joy, the Pain, the Sorrow, the Fear and the Pleasure in the Author's Life and Flying Career Spanning over Five Decades.

Over 70,000 Words of Amazing True Life Stories in 348 Pages worth every penny spent buying it.

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The Rare Book is Truly a Collector's Item with Content found no where else in the World.

The Author gives an Insight into the Life in the Army whilst living with his father who served the Army.

The Author gives an Insight into the Life in Air Force whilst undergoing Pilot training in the Air Force Flying Academy.

The Author gives an Insight into the Life in the Navy in his three Decade long Naval Career as an Officer and a Naval PIlot.

 Unique Writing Style makes Reading this Book a Pleasure and Keeps the You on the Edge throughout the Book.

Each True Story is A Classic in Itself and Original.

Amazing Versatility in Story Telling Ability of the Author.

The Paperback Printed "A True Life Story Book" is a Must Have for all Home and School Libraries. A Book Worth its Price.

A TrueLife Story Book - Buy on Amazon (Free Shipping)



From The "A True Life Story Book" Author:

"A True Life Story" is available as a Paperback Printed Book as well as a Digital format eBook containing about 350 Pages. The Book contains more than Seventy Thousand Words covering carefully chosen true stories from my own life which you will experience in reality as you read through my book and exactly as I had experienced whilst I was going through each of these incidents.

I am a Pilot by profession who was born in India, which is a great country renowned for its rich heritage and traditions. You can also Experience India and its traditions, through this True Life Story Book, even if you have never visited India. I have travelled all over the country of India with my father who was in the Army. Before he retired, I joined the Navy and became a pilot.

I am the central character in most of my stories. But a few true stories are centered around my friends and some true life stories revolve around my family members. Some stories may even have some strangers as the central character who came into my life and left an everlasting impression in my memory. I give due respect to every human soul who knitted a story around me.

I have given nick names to many real characters in this True Story Book to mask their identities because most of them are still around me except a few souls who departed early. Every story was a real life incident which was experienced by me in person. I have dipicted each story exactly as they happened, as humourously and as seriously, in my own unique writing style, for you to experience the joy, the pain, the fear and the pleasure which I experienced whilst going through those real incidents.  

I am Pilot by Profession, but a Writer by Passion. Even this website has dozens of true stories from my own real life which you won't find anywhere in the world or online. I update this website with new True Life Stories regularly. The Kindle version of "A True Life Story" is Free to Read on Kindle. If you want you purchase the Digital version and the Paper Back format of this Book from Amazon.Com You may also read the book free on Amazon Kindle.

The book contains dozens of True Life Stories narrated in simple English as truthfully as humanly possible. I have written each story with a lot of care and trying to recreate the exact scenes. If you love a story page or a chapter in this website, then please do recommend my Book "A True Life Story Book" to your friends and relatives through Emails, Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp etc.

A TrueLife Story Book - Order Now !  (Amazon.Com Free Shipping)


A True Life Story