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About Me and My True Life Story

Mats - My PhotoI am a normal human being. I am no superman or a celebrity. Yet,  I have story to tell.  I was born in a middle class family. My father served the Indian Army. The year he retired from the Army, I joined the Navy. I have been a Medical Representative for about a year before that after completiny my graduation. In the Navy I was qualified to Captain a Ship, I became a Pilot and was therefore qualified to Captain an aircraft. Then I became a helicopter pilot in the Navy itself and has flown extensively over the sea. I have driven almost all kinds of ground vehicles the Army and Navy has, I flown few different kinds of aircraft, I have sailed in all the Naval ships as a youngster. I have even driven a steam engined train from one station to another by befriending an railway engine driver.

I have lived a life full of incidents one too many, at least a few of which should have terminated my life at an early age of three years as I remember. But I outlived each of them one after the other for over half a century. So I decided to write True Life Story from each of those incidents I survived. Probably, it was the almighty, who had some purpose for me on this earth which he is yet to reveal to me, because of which he kept saving my life in all those life threatening incidents one after the other which you will read as I write them on this website started in January this year, 2019. I hope you will be reading all of them as I publish it here in my website So please bookmark my website as a favourite by pressing the keys Ctrl+D together on your keyboard or by clicking the empty start in your browser address bar.

My name is Mathews. But as a character appearing in all my true life stories I have addressed myself as "MATS" which is a short name I was known in my aviation career spanning over three decades. The photo you see on the left is the real me in 2003 when I was about 37 years old. I am sure you have guessed my present age. I want you to imagine that you are the character named Mats in these stories at the age I was in when each of my true life story had happened, as you read them one by one. Each story is as gripping and as interesting as the other.

Please email to  or use my Contact Me form, if you feel the need to comment on my story, I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. If I find your comment is motivating me to write more stories or if you specifically ask me, I am currently writing my matstruelifestory-Ebook, which contains far more stories than you read here on my website.

I remember all the funny and tragic incidents of my life which got etched in as permanent memory, starting from an age of just three years. How do I know this? When I used to narrate some incidents, my mother would say, "That is impossible. You were just three years old then. How do you remember it?" That is about half a century of crystal clear memories which refuses to fade even after 50 years of very busy active life in the Navy as a Pilot. My memories have just increased over time. My true life story spans my childhood, my school days, my first job, my naval academy days, my surface navy career, my three decades of being a pilot, my escape from death over a dozen times flying in air and over the sea, my married life true story, true story about my children etc.

Why Write These True Life Stories?

Well, today or tomorrow we all will be gone. But each human has had some experience which unless recorded in some format, will be gone for ever. Knowledge and experience must be recorded. I found internet the right place to publish my true life stories so that people can read it and know another human being from the time this human had a language to communicate and incidents to store in its memory. I have narrated many of my true life incidents as stories to my wife, kids, friends and even on WhatsApp group, most people everyone has some time or the other told me, "Mats why don't you write your true life stories and publish it as a book". I told them some day when I retire from active service of my nation, I will have a lot of time to make beautiful stories that will captivate my readers out of these dozens of true life story which, I have narrated so many times in parties and dinner time. As you will read each of my true life story, you be able to understand each and every aspect of my life starting from my childhood, teenage and middle age untill this day.

Want to Contact me?

If you want to send me a feed back or tell me to write a story about any other aspect of my life, or if you want to get my latest true life story in your emails etc you may send an email to me  You are also free to use my Contact Me Form  I would like to know if someone would be interested in publishing my stories in hard print with a part of the royalty paid to me for every book sold. I am not greedy for money. But I am spending at least two to three days, typing each of my true life story and continuously editing it before I publish a true life story here. Before writing the story, I spend days doing research in my brain to retrieve these incidents, the way and the sequence in which it happened. I often talk to people involved in those real life incidents, if they are still around. It is not easy to spin a story around an incident the way I would like to read. Once I feel I like it I put it on my website. So if someone is interested, then please do contact me. If you like my stories I request you to kindly use your social media to spread the words.

Want My True Life Story Collection EBook?

I will try and reply as soon as possible. I have made a small eBook with these stories in much more detail which I am currently updating. I can send you that E-Book of my true life stories when I finish it, in case you request it on the same email id

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