A True Life Story - I Became Class Guru

Guru or Teacher - A True Life Story

This is a True Life Story that happened sometime in the year 1979. The Mathematics Teacher came in and started distributing the evaluated answer sheets. My heart was skipping many beats. I was an unknown student in Class IX in a small school in a place called Nasik in the district of Maharashtra in India. I had trouble understanding even English in that school because all the teachers and students there are locals who prefer to speak in Marathi which is the local language. Even English is explained in Marathi. I am from South India and had a lot of difficulty understanding what the teachers say. Being the only outsider, some teachers did make effort to say things in English and Hindi which is India’s national language.

I got my answer sheet and looked at it. I scored some 64 out of 100 marks. There was a student nick named Radha in our class who usually got 100% in Mathematics and almost 100% all other subjects also. The second and third position were always scored by girls.

I Was Always A Back Bencher in My Class

This true life story happened sometime in the year 1979. There were 33 students in my class and I used to stand within the last ten in performance. My name starts with the alphabet “W” and thus my roll number was the last. Probably that also seemed to decide my back bench seat and even my mentality towards studies. I don’t know. But I decided to break it. I had started studying almost in all the free time in the school and even at home.

I used to wonder how Radha used to manage so much marks in the exam studying the same subjects which was taught by the same teachers who teach all of us. I had once asked him if he took tuitions at home and he had said no to that. That made me introspect myself and the way I used to waste time at school and my never touch a book when at home attitude.

I had always preferred to take a cane beating on my palm which I found was easier and better than wasting time on homework at home losing my play time. I was physically very fit and even had a six pack those days at an age of 14. Radha however looked thin, pale and underweight. He was found mostly with girls in free time or in the library and would prefer to play with the girls during games period. His success was something which had started motivating me to study.

I Broke Passed Exam, First Class

I used to ask myself that, if he can, then why not me too. A few months before the Mathematics exam, I had started studying all subjects even at home. Sitting on the last bench, I was the last to get the answer sheet. I looked at my paper started turning the pages. I saw 64/100 written on my paper and felt thrilled. Till now I used to often fail in Mathematics exams. And today I have not just passed, but gone beyond 60 which was a milestone in my life. It was something I had never seen in my life, sixty four marks scored by me who never used to go past 40 in Mathematics.

I wanted to jump in joy. I was in a different world, basking in my 64 marks achievement. That is when I realized that the class had suddenly gone silent when the teacher asked something which I did not hear being on a different frequency at that moment. I looked around. No one was speaking and everyone was looking into their own answer sheet. I sat there, not fully understanding, as to what it is, that everyone else was searching in their answer sheets.

I Stood Out Of The Crowd

The teacher said it again, “Everyone has got the answer to one question completely wrong. It was not so difficult. Radha, how come you too got this simple one wrong?” After a pause the Mathematics teacher continued, “But, there is someone I remember, whose answer is off by just 0.01 and I have put a red circle around the answer. Who is that?” I told myself, if even Radha has got the answer wrong, it cannot be I who has got the answer off by 0.01 because I am not so intelligent.

I sat there looking at others looking into their answer sheet to see if they were the one whose answer is off by 0.01. After about a minute, I casually looked into my answer sheet. Oops, it was my answer which says 124.24 instead of 125.25. My answer had a red circle around it with a question mark next to it.

Reluctantly, I stood up and meekly said, “Sir, it is my answer which you have circled.” The mathematics teacher said in awe, “How come you were off by just 0.01. But you are the only one who has done it correctly. Very good. Keep it up. Sit down.” The mathematics teacher was impressed with me. There were 64 eyes of 32 students, Roll number 33 being myself, looking at me from all directions. I could not read what those 32 pairs of eyes said. I stood out of the Crowd that day.

I Became The Class Guru

The class was over after half an hour, the next few periods went past and it was lunch time. That is when Radha comes to me and shakes hand with me for my achievement and said, “Hi, You are a Mathematics Guru”. First of all no one could believe that I have scored 64 marks out of 100. Secondly, they were all surprised that I have solved a question which even the class topper Radha had failed to do. For them, 0.01 off is just a small error. But the name Guru stayed with me for the next two years till I cleared my Class X in the same school. My brand value increased. I started alternating as the Class monitor every second month with Radha, who till then the undisputed permanent class monitor.

From the day I was raised to the status of Guru which became my nick name for the next two years, I had no choice but to give up my free time for studies. I did not want to lose my status. Some boys and girls, who were till then the only competition to Radha for second to sixth positions were now approaching me to teach them solve question which they found tough. Think of my plight. I had to work super hard in Mathematics to retain my status as Guru. It was a herculean task. But I managed to maintain it all my life. I am thankful to those classmates who made me a Guru, which is what motivated me to give my hundred percent to whatever I do. This is a true life story.

The Beautiful Girl in My Class - A True Life Story  

Then there was this not so bright a girl who wanted to ask me a doubt. She showed her note book. The problem was 1.00/100 and she had cut both the zeroes on top and bottom and got 1 as the answer. She wanted me to tell her, why 0.01 is the answer given in the text book. After all, I am the Mathematics Guru of her class. She was a lovely girl. This is also a true story.

A True Life Story


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